British Airways Seat Selection

British Airways Seat Selection Policy

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You can be confident that the airlines will accommodate your needs, whether you want more legroom, a window seat with beautiful views, or a seat closer to the front of the aircraft for a quick escape. A hassle-free experience is guaranteed by British Airways’ seamless seat selection policy, and their friendly personnel is always prepared to respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have. With a variety of seating options and dedicated service, flying is made even more enjoyable by assuring your comfort and happiness the entire way.

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What options are there for British Airways Seat Selection ?

British Airways offers a variety of seating arrangements on its flights to accommodate a wide range of passenger needs and budgets. The breakdown of the available seat options is as follows:

1) Economy Class
    • All flights operated by British Airways provide the standard seating option.
    • It provides a seat that is comfy, measuring 17.5 inches in breadth and 29 to 31 inches in pitch.
    • A variety of in-flight entertainment options, as well as onboard food and beverage options, are available to passengers.
2) Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus)
    • Provides bigger chairs with more room for the legs than in economy class.
    • The dining experience is improved, and passengers have access to a private cabin with a dedicated crew and priority boarding.
3) Business Class (Club World)
    • Gives passengers a flatbed seat for a comfortable flight rest.
    • Priority check-in, access to the lounge, and a special dining experience are all provided for passengers.
    • There are numerous entertainment alternatives and a bar that is always stocked.
4) First Class
    • It is the most abundant option, featuring a private suite, a fully flat bed, and a private wardrobe.
    • Fine wines and delicacies like caviar are served during meals.
    • A well-supplied bar and a variety of entertainment options are available to passengers.
    • First-class travellers are entitled to free seat selection.

It’s crucial to remember that seat availability may change depending on the kind of aircraft and the particular flight route. It is essential to verify with British Airways immediately before booking your reservation to make sure you obtain the desired seating arrangement. Take advantage of British Airways’ several seating options as you enjoy your flight!

What a seat map would look like on a British Airways flight? (map)

For various aircraft types and routes, British Airways offers a variety of seating arrangements. The typical seating arrangements for several of their aircraft are as follows:

1) Airbus A319-100
    • Total seats: 132
    • Business Class: 8 seats
    • Economy Class: 23-24 seats
2) Airbus A320-200
    • Total seats: 168
    • Business Class: 12 seats
    • Economy Class: 156 seats
3) Airbus A320 Neo
    • Total seats: 180
    • Club Europe: 62 seats
    • Economy Class: 118 seats
4) Airbus A321-200
    • Long-haul: 154 seats
    • UK/Europe: Up to 177 seats
    • Club Europe: 38 seats
    • Economy Class: 116-139 seats
5) Airbus A321neo
    • Club Europe: 56 seats
    • Economy Class: 130 seats
6) Airbus A350-1000
    • Total seats: 331
    • First Class: Not available
    • Club World (Business Class): 56 seats
    • World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy): 56 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 219 seats
7) Airbus A380-800
    • First Class: 14 seats
    • Club World (Business Class): 97 seats
    • World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy): 55 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 303 seats
8) Boeing 777-200 with First Class
    • First Class: 14 seats
    • Club World (Business Class): 48 seats
    • World Traveller Plus: 40 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 124 seats
9) Boeing 777-200 LGW (London Gatwick)
    • Club World (Business Class): 32 seats
    • World Traveler Plus: 48 seats
    • World Traveler (Economy Class): 252 seats
10) Boeing 777-200 ER
    • Club World (Business Class): 48 seats
    • World Traveler Plus: 40 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 184 seats
11) Boeing 777-300
    • First Class: 8 seats
    • Club World (Business Class): 72 seats
    • World Traveller Plus: 40 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 132 seats
12) Boeing 787-8
    • Club World (Business Class): 35 seats
    • World Traveller Plus: 25 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 154 seats
13) Boeing 787-9
    • First Class Suite: 8 seats
    • Club World (Business Class): 42 seats
    • World Traveller Plus: 39 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 127 seats
14) Boeing 787-10
    • First Class: 8 seats
    • Club World (Business Class): 48 seats
    • World Traveller Plus: 35 seats
    • World Traveller (Economy Class): 165 seats
15) Embraer 190
    • Club Europe: 42 seats
    • Economy Class: 56 seats

Please be aware that these combinations could vary, and it’s always a good idea to check the seating options with British Airways before making a reservation. Have a pleasant flight with British Airways!

How can I purchase seats on a British Airways flight Online?

Follow these steps to quickly choose the seat you want on British Airways:

  • By entering “” into your browser, you can access British Airways’ main website.
  • Find the “Manage My Booking” tab by scrolling past the booking field.
  • Give the required details, including your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name.”
  • Click on the “Seating” option after accessing the reservation details.
  • Select “Choose Seats for this Flight.”
  • To browse the available seats and their associated fares, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Once you’ve located the desired seat, decide whether to take it based on availability and price.
  • You should continue with the payment process in order to choose a British Airways Economy seat. Other options, however, typically do not impose a selection cost.
  • To confirm your choice of seats, double-check them after finishing the payment procedure.

How can I purchase seats on a British Airways flight via mobile app?

Use the smartphone app to book your British Airways flight and choose your chosen seats by doing the following actions:

  • Get the British Airways mobile app and use your login information to access your account.
  • Choose “Book” from the drop-down menu on the main page.
  • Indicate the locations of your departure and arrival, the dates of your trip, and the number of passengers. Decide if you want a one-way, round-trip, or multi-city journey.
  • Review the flights that are available based on your trip preferences, taking into account things like departure and arrival timings, costs, and other considerations.
  • Whether you want to travel in economy, premium economy, business, or first class, make your selection.
  • You can select your seats on the next screen. Members of the British Airways Executive Club might be able to choose their seats without paying a price, while others might have to shell out cash to do so.
  • You must then provide your name, contact information, and payment information after choosing your seats.
  • Review the specifics of your reservation, including the flight schedule, seat preference, and total price.
  • Confirm your reservation if everything appears to be in order.
  • A confirmation email and push notification with your booking information, including the flight schedule and confirmation number, will be sent to you.

Congratulations! Using the simplicity of the mobile app, you have successfully reserved your British Airways flight and chosen your favourite seats. Have fun on your trip!

How can I purchase seats on a British Airways flight through customer service?

When phoning British Airways’ customer service number, follow these instructions to book your flight and choose your seats:

  • On their official website, you may find the British Airways customer service phone number for your area.
  • During business hours, which are typically 7 AM to 1 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) daily, call the supplied number (for instance, Telephone: 1-800-247-9297).
  • Once a representative has been reached, please provide them with your name, contact information, and flight details, such as the locations, dates, and flight numbers of your departure and arrival.
  • Tell the representative if you prefer window or aisle seats, if you have any special needs like extra legroom if you prefer a front or back seat, and if you have any dietary restrictions.
  • The salesperson will next show you the available seats and their associated prices. Review the information and costs before moving forward.
  • The agent will request your payment information if you are happy with the details and rates that were supplied. You have a choice of several payment alternatives, including credit cards, debit cards, and others that British Airways has listed.
  • After processing your payment, the agent will confirm your reservation and give you a unique booking reference number. You can retrieve your booking and make necessary adjustments using this reference number.
  • You should anticipate receiving an email confirmation of your reservation with all the necessary flight and seat information.

You may quickly book your ticket and choose your preferred seats by following these instructions and contacting British Airways customer service, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

How can I purchase seats on a British Airways flight after I purchased my flight ticket?

Choosing your seats with British Airways is a simple process, whether you do it at the time of booking your travel or subsequently through the Manage Booking area. If you’ve already made a reservation, take these simple actions:

  • Access the Manage My Booking portal.
  • Choose your flight number from the extensive selection under “Your booking details.”
  • Click “See or change seats for this flight” under the “Seating” category, then follow the on-screen instructions.

How can I purchase seats on a British Airways flight while check-in at the airport?

To guarantee availability and your chosen placement on the aircraft, it is strongly advised that you reserve your tickets in advance. If you are unable to select your seats in advance, you can still do so at the airport upon checking in. The following information explains how to reserve seats with British Airways via airport check-in:

  • Go to the airport’s British Airways check-in desk.
  • Give the BA representative your reservation data, including your flight details.
  • You can select your favorite seat(s) based on the options the agent offers you on available seats.
  • If there are any fees associated with seat reservations, you can pay them now.
  • By helping you print your “Boarding Pass,” the agent will give you a copy of this crucial travel document.
  • You can head to the bag drop area to check in your bags conveniently if you have checked baggage.

The most straightforward approach to guarantee your desired seating is to reserve it in advance. Still, for those who are unable to do so, British Airways’ airport check-in option provides a reasonable substitute. You may still improve your in-flight experience with their assistance by choosing seats that are comfortable and meet your tastes.

How much is the fee associated with seat assignment on British Airways?

You can pay with cash or miles when choosing your seat in advance with British Airways. Remember the following advice:

  • Costs Vary: Depending on the type of seat and the cabin class you are travelling in; there are different seat selection fees.
  • Displayed Pricing: You may examine the particular pricing for seat selection throughout the booking process and in the “Manage My Booking” section.
  • Bulkhead Seats: These seats are typically saved for people who are disabled or who are carrying a young child (under two years old).
  • Fee Range: Depending on the seat position and other circumstances, British Airways seat reservation costs can range from about $10 to more than $100 per passenger on each flight. Members of loyalty programmes or travellers in higher fare classes could pay a lesser cost.
  • First Class Seats: You can choose a seat in the cabin when making a reservation.
  • Executive Seat Selection: Depending on your elite status, you may be able to select seats at certain journey phases.
  • Flexible and Semi-Flexible Tickets: Tickets that are semi-flexible and flexible give more freedom to change flight dates and times, as well as complimentary seat selection.
  • Plus Flex: With flexible rates, you can choose your seats for free at the time of booking (Plus Flex).
  • Plus: Seat selection is free with semi-flexible pricing beginning 48 hours prior to departure (Plus).
  • Family Seating: When travelling with a baby, you may choose any available seat.
  • Group Travel: British Airways provides nine-passenger groups with complimentary seating. The airline will make an effort to seat everyone together, but it is not guaranteed.


To sum up, British Airways offers a wide range of seat selection options to accommodate various customer tastes, whether they want regular seats, extra-legroom seats, or premium seats for a more abundant flying experience. Passengers can customize their journey to meet their demands and comfort thanks to this thorough selection process. Passengers can also visit for more information and tools for making flight reservations and seat selections.

Travellers can customize their flight experience with British Airways’ several seating options, improving their overall comfort and happiness throughout the voyage. is a valuable tool for passengers looking for smooth and comfortable travel with British Airways, offering additional help and advice.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1: What is British Airways Seat Selection Policy?

British Airways’ Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to choose their seats in advance, providing them with the opportunity to select seats that best suit their preferences and requirements.

Q2: How can I select my seat on British Airways?

To select your seat on British Airways, you can either choose your seat during the online check-in process or use the Manage My Booking feature on the airline’s website. Alternatively, you can contact their customer service for assistance with seat selection.

Q3: Is there a fee for British Airways Seat Selection ?

British Airways offers complimentary seat selection to its customers starting from 24 hours prior to departure. However, there may be certain seat types or fare classes that require an additional fee for seat selection. The specific fees and options available can be found on the airline’s website or by contacting their customer service.

Q4: Can I change my seat selection after making a reservation with British Airways?

Yes, you can change your seat selection after making a reservation with British Airways. If you have already selected a seat and wish to change it, you can do so by using the Manage My Booking feature on their website or by contacting their customer service. However, please note that changes to seat selection may be subject to availability.

Q5: Are there any seating preferences for families traveling with children on British Airways?

British Airways understands the importance of seating families together, especially when traveling with children. They make every effort to seat families together whenever possible. During the seat selection process, you can indicate that you are traveling with children, and the airline will do its best to accommodate your seating preferences. However, it is recommended to select seats in advance to increase the likelihood of seating arrangements that suit your needs.

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