Air Canada Cancellation Policy 

Air Canada Cancellation Policy 

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If you are considering booking Air Canada’s flight, you must be aware of the cancellation policy. For that, you need to move ahead to this article and then you can easily know the details about Air Canada Cancellation Policy. Also, in case of any issues related to any details, you can directly contact the experts anytime you want.

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About Air Canada Refund Policy

You can easily cancel a flight and receive a complete refund but only possible if;

  • The flight canceled itself by Air Canada
  • Cancel your Air flight within 24 hours of booking
  • Holding a flexible ticket -latitude/premium economy flexible/business flexible
  • Denied boarding even having a confirmed reservation
  • Flight delayed more than 3 hours
  • The flight was rescheduled but your flight is not disconnecting and so, you missed the chance if you have any work at disconnecting place
  • Due to special circumstances such as illness, military orders, or death of the passenger or family member but needs to show documentary proof

In all other conditions, you need to pay charges while canceling your flight according to Air Canada Cancellation Policy.

Point to Remember: 

According to the Air Canada Policy;

  • You need to cancel your ticket 2 hours before your departure
  • Refunds might take 1-3 months
  • Refunds will be only credited to their original mode of payment
  • In case, if you received compensation for your canceled flight from the insurance company then you will be not allowed to claim any refund.
  • Some taxes are not refundable but some are.
  • You need to fill refund request form if you don’t receive the complete refund as per the entitlement.
  • Cancellation is completely within Air Canada’s control so in case of non-refundable tickets, you can receive a refund only if it qualifies by the airline.
  • You can easily transfer the value of the ticket to An Air Canada Travel Voucher but only if it never expires and is also transferrable
  • You can easily convert the balance value of the ticket into Aeroplan points along with 65% bonus miles.

Compensation on Air Canada Travel

Flight disruptions and cancellations can be frustrating, but Air Canada provides compensation to eligible passengers.

Denied Boarding Compensation

In the event of overbooking, passengers who are denied boarding may be entitled to compensation, which includes:

  • Rebooking on the next available flight
  • Monetary compensation
  • Meals and accommodations, if required

Delay Compensation

For lengthy flight delays, Air Canada may offer:

  • Meal vouchers
  • Hotel accommodations, if necessary
  • Rebooking options

What is my Eligibility during a Flight Disruption or Cancellation?

Understanding your eligibility for compensation during flight disruptions is essential.

Eligible Situations

Passengers may be eligible for compensation if:

  • The flight is canceled or delayed for reasons within the airline’s control.
  • The delay exceeds a certain time threshold (usually specified in the airline’s policies).

Ineligible Situations

Compensation may not be applicable if:

  • The flight disruption is due to factors beyond the airline’s control, such as weather conditions or air traffic control issues.

Air Canada COVID-19 Cancellations

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to air travel, prompting Air Canada to introduce flexible cancellation policies.

Pandemic-Related Cancellations

  • Air Canada introduced flexible rebooking options and extended validity periods for credits due to COVID-19-related cancellations.
  • Passengers affected by travel restrictions or health concerns were provided with options to change or cancel their flights.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy of Air Canada (in detail)

According to Air Canada Cancellation Policy , you can only cancel 24 hours after purchase, and then only, you will receive a complete refund rather than what type of ticket you have purchased.

So, you need to make sure that, you cancel your ticket just within 24 hours and, if you cancel after 24 hours then you might need to pay some charges, and if you are holding a refundable ticket then you might not have to pay that also but that totally depends on the ticket and its policy.

About Air Canada’s Cancellation Policy for Medical Illness

If a passenger is suffering from some illness or due to any other medical illness, the passenger fails to board the flight and he or she can easily cancel the booking. Also, he can get a complete refund but for that, one needs to show documentary proof for proving the illness.

About Air Canada Weather Cancellation Policy

If your flight gets disrupted by extreme weather conditions then you can cancel your flight and get a complete refund. Also, in such cases, you cannot cancel the booking and ask for a refund but also, ask for an alternate flight with no extra cost but only if it suits you but the flight needs to cancel by the airline itself.

Also, if your flight is being rescheduled due to bad weather and also, if an alternative option is not suiting you then in such case, you can directly ask for a complete refund by simply canceling your respective flight.

ir Canada Cancellation Policy—Basic Economy Tickets


  • Basic Economy tickets are typically non-refundable and may have more stringent cancellation terms.
  • Passengers should review the fare rules before booking to understand the cancellation policy.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy—Non-Refundable Tickets

Non-Refundable Fare Rules

  • Passengers with non-refundable tickets may receive a credit for the value of the ticket, minus any applicable fees.
  • The credit can be used towards future Air Canada bookings within a specified period.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy—Refundable Tickets

Refundable Fare Rules

  • Refundable tickets allow passengers to cancel their flights and receive a full or partial refund.
  • Passengers may need to pay processing fees or fare differences based on the fare rules.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy—Award Tickets

Award Ticket Considerations

  • Award tickets often have different cancellation policies compared to standard fare tickets.
  • Passengers should be aware of the specific terms and conditions associated with award bookings.

About Air Canada Cancellation Fee and Charges

The cancellation fees & charges of Air Canada totally depend on the type of ticket that you purchased according to Air Canada Cancellation Policy ;

Type of ticketCancellation Fee
Basic economyNot allowed
Standard EconomyUSD 200
FlexUSD 200
ComfortUSD 200
LatitudeUSD 0
Premium economy flexibleUSD 0
Premium economy non-flexibleUSD 200
Business class flexibleUSD 0
Business class non-flexibleUSD 200
Award ticketUSD 0-150

Detail for Air Canada Cancellation Policy—Award Tickets

According to Award ticket cancellation after 24 hours of booking, you will incur a cancellation fee of USD 125 if you cancel with the help of and USD 150 if you canceled directly via the Aeroplan contact center.

Also, the fee for Aeroplan Diamond members is USD 30 for online cancellations as well as USD 100 with the help of the Aeroplan contact center. Also, the altitude super elite 100 members will not be charged any type of cancellation fee+.

How to Cancel an Air Canada Booking Quickly?

To cancel Air Canada Booking, you can directly call on the phone number +1-888-702-4465 or directly via a ticket counter.

How to easily cancel a ticket on Air Canada online?

For canceling your ticket, follow the steps as follows;

  • You need to, first of all, move ahead to the official website:
  • After that, you need to move ahead to my bookings tab.
  • There, write down the complete details, for instance, your booking ticket number; last name.
  • Next, go to the find button and then you need to choose the flight that you need to cancel.
  • You have to then give a click on the cancel booking link and then finally, you can easily confirm and then you can easily finalize the cancellation.

Offline Cancellation

If you prefer not to cancel online, you can also contact Air Canada’s customer service for assistance.

To Cancel a Ticket on Air Canada Online:

  • Log in to your Air Canada account.
  • Access the “Manage Bookings” section.
  • Select the booking you wish to cancel.
  • Follow the provided steps to complete the cancellation process.

You can Only Cancel Your Booking Online If:

  • The booking was made directly with Air Canada or through the Air Canada website.
  • The booking includes a maximum of nine passengers.
  • The flight is operated by Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge.

Air Canada Contact Information

For cancellation-related inquiries and assistance, you can reach out to Air Canada’s customer service:

Air Canada Cancelled Flight Refund

Refund Process for Cancelled Flights

  • In case of flight cancellations by Air Canada, passengers are often entitled to a full refund.
  • The refund process may vary based on the original payment method and booking channel.

Air Canada Vouchers, Credits, and Coupons

Air Canada may provide passengers with vouchers, credits, or coupons in lieu of cash refunds.

Using Vouchers

  • Vouchers can often be used towards future flight bookings, providing a flexible and convenient option.

NOTE: After canceling the ticket, you will soon receive a confirmation email at your primary account that you have given to Air Canada but it might charge some cancellation fees depending on the Air Canada Cancellation Policy.

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Need some help?

If you need any help while booking or cancelling the Air Canada then you can easily contact the experts instantly for quick guidelines & complete details. Also, the experts are always there to guide you, so reach them for getting complete guidelines related to cancellation fees and other policies.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1 What is the Air Canada cancellation policy?

According to Air Canada’s Cancellation Policy, you can easily cancel the flight as well as refund the complete refund but you must need to follow all the conditions mentioned under the cancellation policy.

Q2 Does Air Canada have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Air Canada provides a 24-hour cancellation Policy via which you can easily cancel and you don’t need to pay any type of cancellation charge.

Q3 What is the Air Canada international flight cancellation policy?

The Air Canada international flight cancellation policy only applied to flight that is outside of Canada. Under the policy, you can easily cancel the flight as well as received a complete refund but in such case, you need to fulfill the terms & conditions.

Q4 How does the Air Canada cancellation work?

The Air Cancellation policy includes many policies such as the flight need to cancel at least 2 hours before departure and many other terms & conditions so that, you can easily get the refund.

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