British Airways Change Flight

British Airways Change Flight

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British Airways provides customers with a simple and accommodating flight change policy, making it simple to adjust their travel arrangements. You can use British Airways’ change flight option if you realize that you need to rearrange your flight. British Airways offers a user-friendly platform where you can manage these modifications without effort, whether you need to change your departure date, destination or even upgrade your ticket.

You can learn more about your alternatives, check for any fees or fare variances, and make the appropriate changes by going to their website or getting in touch with their customer service. Travelers have the flexibility they need to modify their trips in response to unanticipated situations or altering travel needs thanks to British Airways’ change in flight policy.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465

British Airways Change Flight Policy and Rebooking Options

You can select from the below rebooking alternatives under British Airlines’ change flight policy:

  • If your flight is scheduled to end on September 30, 2022, you can request a voucher that would let you postpone your trip for a year so that it can be finished on September 30, 2023. After submitting a voucher application:
    • By September 30, 2023, you must use the coupon to finish your journey.
    • You can alter the time and place of your trip.
    • The value of the coupon will be the same as the cost of your reservation.
    • When you use your voucher to rebook:
    • For flights that must be completed before September 30, 2022, and for which you purchased your ticket before June 7, 2022:
      • You may alter your flight once without being charged a booking fee (but fare differences will apply).
      • The usual fare policies of your new trip will be used to determine the change cost for subsequent flight modifications.
    • To complete your request to change your flight and select an appropriate rebooking option if you purchased your ticket through a travel agent, contact them directly.
    • The following options are available to you if your flight is cancelled delayed by at least 5 hours, or if it prevents you from making a connecting flight for which you have a confirmed reservation.
      • You can either travel for free on the subsequent flight in the same travel class as your initial flight or have the validity of your ticket extended.
      • As long as it falls within the ticket’s validity term, you can take a later flight on a suitable day at the same level of service as the initial journey (at no additional charge).
      • Flight cancellation and refund are free of charge.

Terms and Conditions of BA’s Change Flight Policy

The following are the main criteria of the British Airways flight change policy:

  1. Tickets with a journey completion date of September 30, 2022, are the only ones that fall under the airline’s change flight policy.
  2. An old voucher’s expiration date will be immediately extended, and you’ll shortly be informed of the new voucher’s specifics.
  3. You must have made your reservation directly from British Airlines (through their trade outlet, website, or contact centre).
  4. Tickets purchased on Sun-Air are not subject to the flight change policy.
  5. The policy only applies to tickets purchased from British Airlines.
  6. Before check-in ends, requests for date adjustments and travel vouchers must be made.
  7. You must pay the additional charge if your new ticket is more expensive.
  8. Travel coupons are non-refundable and can only be applied to:
    • British Airways airline reservations.
    • Hotel bookings must be made at least seven days before booking British Airlines Vacations.
  9. Flight-only bookings cannot be made with travel vouchers partially bought with Avios points.
  10. Bookings made with travel vouchers must be used by September 30, 2023, for the outbound and return journey.
  11. Vouchers for travel can be used as partial or complete payment when purchasing a new ticket.

British Airways Flight Change Fee

If you make the changes online with British Airways, there won’t be a change fee (for most short-haul prices), but you’ll still be responsible for the applicable fare difference. But there will be a fee if you make the modifications over the phone or at the airport.

  • Online alteration of flight fee: Free(most short-haul routes)
  • Phone exchange fee: $25 (plus the applicable fare difference)
  • Change fee at the airport: $35 (plus the practical fare difference)

How to Change a Flight on British Airways

To modify the time or date of your British Airlines flight online:

  • Visit
  • The Manage My Booking link (it appears below the booking box)
  • Get your flight reservation as follows:
    • Please enter your last name and booking reference.
    • Choose the Continue option.
  • Choose the flight you want to modify.
  • Then select Change/Cancel Booking.
  • Make the required adjustments.
  • Complete the prompts to finalize your new flight reservation.

British Airways Change Flight Telephone Number

Calling the British Airlines change flight phone number at +1-888-702-4465 will allow you to make modifications to your flight. There are always lines available.

British Airways Change Flight 24-Hour Solution

The best course of action if you bought your ticket directly from British Airways and discovered a mistake is to cancel your flight reservation within 24 hours (without incurring any fees), request a full refund, and then rebook your ticket appropriately.

If such a situation arises, you can only request a refund by calling British Airways unless you purchased your travel using Avios (in which case you can manage the refund online).

British Airways Same-Day Change Fee

British Airlines’ revised policy on flights states:

  • There will be no fees for same-day changes on short-haul domestic flights.
  • On lengthy international flights, the same-day change cost is determined by the fare type and travel class.
  • A same-day flight change requires a minimum of one hour’s notice.
  • There are restrictions on free same-day flight adjustments for itineraries that include connecting flights.
  • The same route and the same airports must be used for same-day flight adjustments that were previously booked.
  • If you have already checked in for your flight, making a same-day flight adjustment is impossible.
  • Any fare variances will be applicable.

How to Change a Return Flight on British Airways

British Airlines’ revised policy on flights states:

  • Via phone or online, you can modify the date of your return trip with British Airlines.
  • Contact the British Airways branch in your area and ask to alter your flight information to change your return flight. Then, on the British Airways website, choose to Manage My Booking to modify your return trip. Please enter your booking reference and last name to recover your flight after selecting it and clicking on this tab (located below the booking box), then choose it and click on Change/Cancel Booking to modify the date of your return trip.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1 Can I change my flight on British Airways?

On British Airways, you can change your flight’s date, time, and destination. If you made a direct reservation with British Airways, you could do it over the phone or online. However, under the pricing terms of your ticket, you must pay the necessary fare difference and change fee.

Q2 What is the British Airways change flight policy in response to COVID?

British Airlines allows customers to reschedule their travel dates and destinations without incurring fees due to the coronavirus outbreak. Any tickets having a travel completion date of September 30, 2022—now extended to September 30, 2023—are eligible for the fee waiver.

Q3 What is the British Airways change date flight fee?

Your ticket’s validity has been increased by an entire year, or up to September 30, 2023, if it had a trip completion date of September 30, 2022. It implies that as long as your trip is completed by September 30, 2023, you can modify your flight date, time, or destination without additional fees. You must, however, pay the extra fare.

Q4 How much does it cost to change a flight on British Airways/What is the British Airways change flight cost?

Any tickets with September 30, 2022, departure date have had their validity extended by British Airways until September 30, 2023. You won’t be charged anything if you make a simple online date change between now and September 30, 2023, the extended validity of your ticket. However, a service fee of USD 25 will be charged for phone requests, and an additional USD 35 will be charged for requests made at the airport.

Q5 What is the British Airways policy on changing flights?

According to British Airlines’ policy, travellers may alter their flight dates and destinations without paying additional fees (other than the applicable fare difference). Any tickets having a trip completion date of September 30, 2022—now extended one year to September 30, 2023—are eligible for the fee waiver. So your current reservation can now be changed without incurring a fee.

Q6 How do I change a return flight on British Airways/How do I change my return flight date on British Airways?

You can change your return flight ticket directly through British Airways by calling the local call Centre in your area or the travel agency where you bought your ticket. But, if your ticket’s fare conditions require it, you might be required to pay a change fee.

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