Spirit Cancellation Policy

Spirit Cancellation Policy

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Spirit Cancellation Policy: If you want to book or cancel your flight then you must be aware of its cancellation policy properly. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss Spirit Cancellation Policy in detail. So, move ahead and check out everything before booking or canceling your flight for avoiding all kinds of troubles.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465

For canceling your ticket and getting a complete refund according to its policy, you must fulfill the terms & conditions described below;

  • Flight cancellation should be made before 60 days of departure
  • Flight cancelation should be done before 24 hours of booking
  • If a flight got canceled by Spirit Airlines due to some reasons
  • Spirit Airline’s Flight delays for more than 2 hours
  • Rescheduled flight qualified but that needs some conditions
  • Special circumstances qualify but for that, it needs valid documentation proof

About Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellations

According to Spirit Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, you can easily cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and get a complete refund. The best thing is that it is applied to all types of fares and also, if you cancel it within 7 days of travel or more than 24 hours then you will be charged some cancellation fee.

Booking Confidence: How to Exercise the 24-Hour Cancellation

  • Book your flight on the Spirit Airlines website or through their customer service.
  • Review your itinerary and confirm details.
  • Should you need to cancel, initiate the process within 24 hours of booking.
  • Receive a full refund to your original form of payment.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for COVID

Navigating Uncertainty: Cancellations Amidst a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the travel industry. Spirit Airlines has adapted its cancellation policy to provide passengers with greater flexibility during these uncertain times.

Flexibility in the Face of Adversity

  • Passengers who test positive for COVID-19 can request a refund or reservation credit.
  • Travel restrictions and lockdowns leading to flight cancellations may result in full refunds or credit options.

About Spirit Airlines Cancellation Due to Weather

If your flight gets canceled but if the cause is bad weather then in such case, you have to make your own accommodation arrangement if required. But the team can help you by providing some information related to the accommodation. Also, you can cancel your flight & apply for reservation credit if your onward journey services have no purpose so that, you can easily redeem it later for traveling.

Chart of Spirit Cancellation Fees

Cancellation TimeCancellation Fee
Within 24 hours of bookingUSD 0
60+ days before departureUSD 0
31-59 days before departureUSD 69
7-30 days before departureUSD 99
0-6 days before departureUSD 119

Also, according to its cancellation, if you cancel it up to 1 hour before departure, it will charge a cancellation fee of UDS 119.

Types of ticketAccording to the Spirit Cancellation Policy
Standard TicketCharged a cancellation fee depending on the time you cancel


If you are eligible for a refund then it would be issued as a reservation credit that you can use for future travel and it can be used only to whom it has been offered.

Flex ticketOne change to your itinerary costs nothing and also, if you want, you can cancel it without any charge.


Cancellation charges can apply depending on the scenario

Award TicketsCharged cancellation fee depending on the time


Refund points if eligible will be easily deposited into your respective account

You can easily cancel it by direct phone calls

Ticket Types and Cancellation Charges

Standard Tickets

  • Canceling a standard ticket comes with a fee that varies based on the time of cancellation.

Flex Tickets

  • Flex tickets offer more flexibility, allowing changes and cancellations with reduced fees.

Award Tickets

  • Cancellations of award tickets may also incur fees, so be sure to review the terms.

How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight quickly?

According to Spirit Cancellation Policy, you can easily cancel your flight via;

  • Phone : +1-888-702-4465
  • Online
  • Text on 48763
  • WhatsApp on 855-728-3555
  • Social media
  • Guest Service Agent

How to easily Cancel a Spirit Flight Online?

If you need to cancel a Spirit flight online then follow the steps as follows;

  • First of all, move ahead to the Spirit official website and that is Spirit.com.
  • After that, you need to choose my trips and then go to the next page.
  • Fill in the complete information & then go to the continue option.
  • Finally, you need to choose to cancel the reservation and you will find the refund amount along with its cancellation fees on the end page.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy in detail

For getting the full refund, you just need to fulfill the conditions described below;

  • Cancel your flight 60 days before its departure
  • Cancel your flight within 24 hours or 7 days later but it would charge some cancellation fee that total depends
  • Canceled by Spirit Airlines and now is rescheduled
  • New flight timing provided by spirit airlines doesn’t suit you
  • Due to Illness, death or accident, or any special circumstances

How to Redeem Your Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit instantly?

To redeem your spirit airlines reservation credit, follow the steps as follows;

  • You need to, first of all, move ahead to Spirit.com and then write down the complete details there.
  • Next, you need to go to the search flight button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and provide all the details as asked there.
  • You need to then go to the payment page and then you need to go to redeem a voucher or credit option.
  • Write down the confirmation code and then move to the go button.
  • You need to then specify the required amount that is partial or full and then go to apply credit button.
  • Finally, you have to follow the remaining steps mentioned there to complete the process and then you will instantly receive the confirmation email along with the details of your flight.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Understanding Refunds: Your Financial Reassurance

When a flight doesn’t take off as planned, Spirit Airlines has established refund policies to ensure you’re not left high and dry.

  • Depending on the ticket type and circumstances, you may be eligible for a full refund.

Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit

If your travel plans change but you’re not ready to let go of your adventure, Spirit Airlines offers reservation credits as a convenient alternative to immediate refunds.

Making the Most of Your Reservation Credit

  • Receive a reservation credit for the full value of your canceled flight.
  • Use the credit within a specified period to book a future flight.

How to Redeem Your Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit

You’ve got a reservation credit, and now it’s time to put it to good use. Here’s how you can redeem it for your next Spirit Airlines adventure.

  • Log in to your Spirit Airlines account.
  • Start a new booking.
  • Apply your reservation credit during the checkout process.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Phone Number

If you prefer speaking to a real person over navigating online platforms, Spirit Airlines provides a dedicated cancellation phone number.

Contacting Customer Service: A Few Quick Steps

  • Dial the Spirit Airlines cancellation phone number.
  • Follow the automated prompts or request to speak with a representative.
  • Explain your situation and follow their guidance.

Cancelled Flight Compensation at Spirit Airlines

While Spirit Airlines strives to minimize disruptions, canceled flights can still occur. Understanding your rights and available compensation can make a frustrating situation more manageable.

Compensation Scenarios

  • In the event of a flight cancellation, you may be eligible for compensation or rebooking options.
  • Compensation may vary based on the reason for the cancellation and local regulations.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Phone Number for quick help

You can call directly on;

  • Spirit Airlines Cancellation Phone Number: +1-888-702-4465
  • Guest Service: +1-855-SAVE-555 (+1-855-728-3555) (toll-free)
  • Text: 48763
  • WhatsApp: 855-728-3555
  • Assistance (hearing impaired): 711 (for TTY/TTD)
  • Spirit Airlines Vacations: +1-954-698-0125 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 am–10 pm, EST), incl. holidays

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1 How does spirit airlines’ cancellation work?

According to Spirit Cancellation Policy, you are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your ticket but for that, you must fulfill its Spirit Cancellation Policy& its terms and conditions.

Q2 What is the spirit cancellation policy?

According to Spirit Cancellation Policy, you can change your flight due to any reasons but if your reason is valid then you are eligible for a full refund after canceling your flight.

Q3 Can you cancel your spirit airlines flight without penalty?

Yes, you can cancel without any penalty but that totally depends on the scenario. Also, you just need to show valid proof if you are canceling from your side due to special circumstances.

Q4 Does Spirit give refunds for canceled flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines provide refunds for canceled flight but they also provide alternative flight options but if it doesn’t suit you, you can ask for the refund.

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