JetBlue Change Flight Policy

JetBlue Change Flight Policy

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JetBlue Change Flight Policy: Due to the elimination of the majority of change fees, JetBlue flight change policy has improved for customers. You can now change your flight reservation without paying any additional fees, with the exception of the Blue Basic rate. Additionally, you have the choice to rebook your flight at any time during the ticket’s validity by going online or calling JetBlue’s customer service. Passengers now have more convenience and freedom to change their travel plans as necessary thanks to this improvement.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465

JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Policy

With the same-day JetBlue Change Flight policy, travelers with Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint prices can alter their flights on the same day for a set charge of USD 75, with no additional fare to pay. It implies that regardless of any price changes, if you have one of these fare types, you can modify your flight to a different time or date for a modest cost. However, same-day flight adjustments are cost-free for Mosaic members and travelers with Blue Extra prices. For these particular clientele groups, this service is an added perk that enables them to change their travel arrangements without incurring any additional costs.

Same-Day Switch Details

  • Timing: Only on the day of your trip, starting at midnight in the time zone where your flight is departing, are same-day swaps permitted.
  • Fare Options: You have the choice to change your fare on the same day for any offered fare.
  • Timing Flexibility: On the same day as your initial flight, you can select to change to an earlier or later flight.
  • Travel Restrictions: As stated in the Airport Options, the changeover must take place between the same city pairs or involve adjacent airports.
  • Calendar Day Requirement: The same-day swap must occur beginning at midnight in the time zone of your leaving flight on the same calendar day as your original departure.
  • Benefits of Being a Mosaic Member: A benefit of being a Mosaic Member is that there are no same-day changeover fees. They have up to 24 hours before the original departure time to change their flights.
  • Refundable Fares: The same-day changeover fee does not apply to passengers who have booked refundable fares.
  • Same-day changes are permitted for flights booked using TrueBlue redemption points.
  • Interline Bookings: Interline bookings may be eligible for same-day switches if specific requirements are met, including the minimum connection times. It would help if you spoke with JetBlue directly to make a same-day change to an interline reservation.
  • When thinking about a same-day change for your JetBlue trip, it is crucial to be aware of these rules.

Airport Options to JetBlue Change Flight

You can JetBlue Change Flight to one that departs from or arrives at one of the following cities.

  • Boston
    • Worcester Regional (ORH)
    • Providence T.F. Green (PVD)
    • Boston Logan International (BOS)
  • South Florida
    • Palm Beach International (PBI)
    • Miami International (MIA)
    • Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International (FLL)
  • Buffalo
    • Greater Rochester International (ROC)
    • Buffalo/Niagara International (BUF)
  • Los Angeles
    • Ontario International (ONT)
    • Los Angeles International (LAX)
    • Hollywood Burbank (BUR)
  • New York
    • Westchester County (HPN)
    • Stewart International (SWF)
    • Newark Liberty International (EWR)
    • LaGuardia (LGA)
    • John F. Kennedy International (JFK)
  • Philadelphia
    • Philadelphia International (PHL)
    • Newark Liberty International (EWR)
    • Baltimore/Washington International (BWI)
  • Tampa Bay
    • Tampa International (TPA)
    • Sarasota Bradenton International (SRQ)
  • London
    • London Heathrow (LHR)
    • London Gatwick (LGW)
  • San Francisco
    • San Jose Norman Y. Mineta International (SJC)
    • San Francisco International (SFO)
  • Texas
    • Austin-Bergstrom International (AUS)
    • San Antonio International (SAT)
  • Chicago
    • General Mitchell International (MKE)
    • Chicago O’Hare International (ORD)
  • North Carolina
    • Charlotte-Douglas International (CLT)
    • Asheville Regional (AVL)
  • Washington D.C.
    • Washington D.C. Reagan International (DCA)
    • Baltimore/Washington International (BWI)

JetBlue Same Day Standby Travel

You can select the option of standby travel on the same day by paying an additional USD 75. It’s crucial to understand that there won’t be a fair difference in this situation. You must already have a confirmed seat on JetBlue in order to be eligible for standby travel. Once you have satisfied this condition, you are eligible to request standby travel on any flight that is fully booked on the same day and connects the same cities as your first confirmed ticket. By signing up for standby, you might be able to get a seat on a full flight and modify your travel schedule accordingly.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy for Mosaic Members

For Mosaic members, including the guests on their itinerary, JetBlue has eliminated all change fees. Additionally, there will be no change fees for same-day swaps.

JetBlue Change Fees

The following are the main details on flight changes and related fees:

  • Phone Booking Service Fee: There is an additional service fee of USD 25 per passenger if you change your flight reservation over the phone. Any possible change fees are separate from this price.
  • Blue Basic Fare Change Fees: The change cost is USD 100 per passenger for routes within North America, the Caribbean, and Central America.
    • The change cost for all other routes is $200 per traveler.
    • Price for Same-Day Change for Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint Fares: If you need to JetBlue Change Flight on the same day, you will be charged a price of USD 75 for those who have Blue, Blue Plus, or Mint fares.
  • Exemptions from Same-Day Change Fees:
    • Members of the reward programme Mosaic are exempt from paying any same-day change costs.
    • Passengers who purchase Blue Extra fares are also exempt from the same-day change cost.
    • Please be aware that the costs, as mentioned above, could alter and could differ based on the airline and the particular terms and conditions of your ticket. It is preferable to get the most recent information on flight change fees straight from the airline.
  • Information Required for Phone Booking: If you decide to change your flight reservation over the phone, it’s crucial to be prepared with the following details:
  • Flight reference number
  • Airliner number
  • Date of travel
  • Date of birth, contact information, and other pertinent details about the traveler.
  • Information Required for Online Booking: If you decide to make changes to your flight reservation online, make sure you have the following data available:
    • Code of confirmation
    • Last name
    • City of departure and arrival for your flight.

JetBlue Change Flight Policy for Non-Refundable Fares

JetBlue’s flight policy is that, with the exception of Blue Basic prices, you can adjust any fare without incurring a fee. Additionally, if you make a reservation at least seven days prior to departure, you are free to cancel it within 24 hours of making it without incurring any fees.

You can make changes to Blue Basic rates by paying a change flight fee of USD 200 for all other destinations and USD 100 for flights within North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Any fares that differ will also apply. Only the fare difference needs to be taken into consideration when making changes to Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares.

JetBlue Change Policy for Refundable Fares

You have until the scheduled departure to amend or cancel refundable JetBlue fares in accordance with JetBlue Change Flight policy. You can use your JetBlue Travel Credit to book more flights with the airline in the future when you decide to cancel a refundable price. These credits can be used to pay for pricing discrepancies or change flights online. Please be aware that they cannot be used to cover costs for items like Even More Space seats, baggage fees, unaccompanied minor fees, or pet fees.

The total ticket value will be converted into a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit, which can be applied towards future travel on JetBlue if you fail to modify or cancel a refundable ticket prior to its scheduled departure time. It’s vital to remember that only a limited number of flights and routes offer refundable prices.

Flight Change Policy for Cancelled Flights

  • You have the following choices if JetBlue Change Flight for which you have a confirmed reservation:
    • Obtain free passage on the following flight.
    • Make a Travel Bank credit request.
    • Request a refund if your flight cannot be changed within two hours.
  • You are entitled to compensation if your flight is cancelled less than four hours before it is supposed to take off. The following requirements must be fulfilled, though:
    • The flight was cancelled as a result of a manageable issue under JetBlue’s management.
    • Within one hour of the scheduled departure time, alternative transportation is not offered.
  • The following are the compensation amounts:
    • You will receive a USD 50 travel credit to utilize at a later time if an alternate means of transportation becomes available within four hours of the flight.
    • You will receive a USD 100 travel credit for future use if the substitute flight is still available after the scheduled departure time.

JetBlue Change Flight Policy for Delayed Flights

You are entitled to reimbursement for future travel on JetBlue if your flight is delayed due to a preventable issue (within JetBlue’s control).

Flight Delay Period Flight Compensation Credit
3 to 3.59 hoursUSD 50
4 to 4.59 hoursUSD 100
5 to 5.59 hoursUSD 150
6 hours or moreUSD 200

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1 How can I change my JetBlue flight for free?

If you are in possession of any of the following fares: Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or Mint, you may change your flight without incurring any additional fees. The only requirement is to complete the necessary revisions prior to the departure time of your trip. You will be charged a flight change fee of USD 100 for changing a Blue Basic fare within North America, Central America, and the Caribbean and USD 200 for all other destinations.

Q2 Do you have to pay to change your flight on JetBlue?

Changing your flight will cost money if you have a Blue Basic fare. Other rates, such as Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint, allow for free flight changes up until the time of departure.

Q3 How long do you have to change your flight for free?

Up to the day before your scheduled departure, most airline tickets allow you to adjust without incurring fees. Please be aware that this policy does not apply to Blue Basic fares.
Except if you are a Mosaic member or flying on a Blue Extra fare, there is a flat cost of USD 75 that must be paid if you need to change your flight on the same day and you have purchased Blue, Blue Plus, or Mint fares (fare difference excluded). This charge aids in defraying the change’s administrative expenses. We offer solutions that meet your needs while acknowledging that plans can change.

Q4 Can I change a flight I already booked?

Yes, provided you do so before the scheduled departure time of your flight. However, a refundable ticket’s value will be turned into a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit for upcoming flights on JetBlue if you don’t make any changes before departure.

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