Air Canada Flight Change Policy

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

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Air travel plans can sometimes change unexpectedly, and it’s important to understand the policies and procedures in place to make adjustments to your flights. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the Air Canada flight change policy, including fees, rules, and restrictions, as well as helpful tips for a smooth experience.

Air Canada, one of the largest airlines in Canada, has a well-defined flight change policy that allows passengers to modify their travel itineraries when needed. Whether you need to adjust the date, time, or even the destination of your flight, Air Canada provides flexibility within certain parameters.

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The good Air Canada flight influence policy allows you to make changes to your ticket reservation without paying any fees:

  • Irrespective of your fare type, changes must be made within 24 hours of your reservation.
  • If you have a ticket (other than Basic) that was bought prior to July 5, 2022, and you are flying by July 5, 2023.
  • If you purchased a non-basic ticket on or after July 6, 2022, converted it into Aeroplan miles or an Air Canada Premium Voucher, and then later travelled.

If the following fares are altered:

  • Comfort Rates sixty-plus days prior to departure.
  • Latitude Fares two-plus hours prior to departure.
  • Premium Economy Affordable Prices two-plus hours prior to departure.
  • Business Class Affordable Prices two-plus hours prior to departure.
  • Award Airfare two hours or more prior to departure.

Air Canada Flight Change Tips

Things to keep in mind when changing Air Canada flight arrangements

1) Contact the source of your reservation if you need to alter an Air Canada ticket:
  • You can modify your flight reservation through My Bookings on, regardless of whether you made your reservation directly with Air Canada, through Flight Trip Finder or any other flight booking site.
  • You must get in touch with the travel agent directly if you made your reservation through one (online or off).
2) Contact them directly if you made your reservation via Aeroplan, Air Canada for Business, or Air Canada Vacations.
  • You have two options if you purchased your ticket directly from Air Canada: Either turn your reservation into an Air Canada Travel Voucher, which is transferable and never expires or chooses Aeroplan miles and get a 65% premium.
3) Before your planned departure time, you have up to two hours to make changes to any Air Canada flight reservation.

One must finish their trip within two years of the purchase date if you modify a ticket. After that, there won’t be a modification fee, but you will still be responsible for fare differences.

Air Canada Change Fees

Your travelling service class and the time you submit the modification will determine the Air Canada additional fees. In accordance with Air Canada’s change fees regulations:

1) A Basic Economy reservation cannot be changed after the 24-hour time limit.

The following fares are exempt from change fees:

  • Comfort prices that have been altered more than two months prior to departure
  • Fares for business, premium economy, and latitude (if Flexible)
  • travelers who are Altitude Super Elite 100k members
2) According to your travel category and how late or on time you reschedule your flight, most other tickets are liable to a change fee.
  • For Standard Economy flights, the change charge is USD/CAD 100 if made less than two months before departure and USD/CAD 25 if made more than two months prior to departure.
  • For Flex tickets, the modification charge is USD/CAD if made less than two months prior to departure or USD/CAD 25 if made and over two months prior to departure.
  • If a Comfort fare is modified before two months of takeoff, there is a USD/CAD 25 modification fee.

The table below depicts the Air Canada Change Fees:

Air Canada Fee for Flight Change
Type of Ticket Change Fee
Basic EconomyNot Permitted
Standard Economy●       For 0–60 days, USD/CAD 100 + Fare Difference


●       For 60+ days USD/CAD 25 + Fare Difference

Flex●       For 0–60 days, USD/CAD 50


●       For 60+ days, USD/CAD 25

Comfort●       For 0–60 days, USD/CAD 25


●       For 60+ days, USD/CAD 0

Latitude (Flexible)USD/CAD 0 Fare Difference Only
Premium Economy (Flexible)USD/CAD 0 Fare Difference Only
Business (Flexible)USD/CAD 0 Fare Difference Only
Award TicketsUSD/CAD 0–100 + Fare Difference
Same-Day ChangesUSD/CAD 0–100 + Fare Difference

Air Canada Flight Change Fee—Basic Economy

If you want to modify your itinerary, you should withdraw your Basic Economy reservation inside 24 hours of getting it and reschedule as requested. This is because Air Canada only authorises flight adjustments for travelers carrying Basic Economy reservations if they are made within 24 hours of purchase.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee—Standard Economy

Unless you alter your reservation inside the 24-hour time limit, an itinerary modification penalty of USD/CAD 100 for international flights before two months and USD/CAD 25 for international flights after 61 days or more will be assessed to passengers possessing a Standard Economy ticket. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the fare difference if you choose a more expensive fare.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee—Flex Fares

When you have a Flex itinerary, except you make a change during the initial 24 hours, customers will be billed a service fee of USD 50 for international flights within two months and USD/CAD 25 for international flights following 61 days or more. You should pay the difference in price if you choose a more expensive alternative, just like with other airfares.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee—Comfort Fares

A service charge of USD/CAD 25 applies to Comfort prices after 24 hours for international flights a maximum of sixty days in the future and USD/CAD 25 for flights departing 61 days or more in the future. Therefore, you should pay the additional fare if you select a more expensive fare.

Air Canada Change Flight Fees for Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business Class Fares

Highly customizable rates, including Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business, can be changed without incurring fees. If you choose a more expensive choice, you should pay the difference in ticket; however, if you choose a less expensive one, you will get your money back.

What is the Air Canada flight change fee for Award tickets?

A maximum of two hours prior to the departure of your flight, you may modify an award ticket. Nevertheless, all forms of Award tickets will incur a surcharge of USD/CAD 100. Nevertheless, travelers with an Altitude Super Elite 100k level are exempt from paying a service fee and will only be charged USD/CAD 75 for Aeroplan Diamond members.

What is the Air Canada Flight Change Fee for Award Tickets?

Unlocking the Potential

Even award tickets can offer flexibility:

  • Change fees for award tickets can vary based on the loyalty program and fare class.
  • Some loyalty programs offer reduced or waived change fees for elite members.
  • Check the terms and conditions of your loyalty program to understand the rules governing award ticket changes.

Mileage Programs

Frequent flyers can benefit from their accumulated miles:

  • Some mileage programs allow changes to award tickets at no extra cost.
  • Understand the rules of your mileage program and leverage your loyalty for advantageous changes.
  • Keep an eye out for promotions or special offers that may waive change fees for award tickets.

Pro Tips for Award Ticket Changes

Make the most of your award tickets:

  • Plan ahead to avoid last-minute changes that may incur higher fees.
  • Utilize online tools and resources to explore alternative award flight options.
  • Consider using a combination of miles and cash to reduce change fees and enhance flexibility.

What is Air Canada Same Day Flight Change Fee Change Fee

A passenger can switch to an earlier or subsequent trip on the exact same day according to Air Canada’s change policy towards the modification of the same day. The following are the fees for change fees for same-day adjustments:

  • No Basic Economy Fares Allowed
  • Standard Fares: USD/100 (between Toronto and LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark)
  • Flex and Comfort Fares in USD/CAD 75 USD and USD/CAD 0 (between Toronto and LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark)
  • For Business, Latitude Premium Economy USD/CAD 0
  • For Reward Reservation: at USD/CAD 100
  • For Aeroplan Diamond members: at USD/CAD 75
  • For Altitude Super Elite 100k members: at USD/CAD 

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Q1 Can I change Air Canada flights?

Absolutely, customers can change their flight on any Air Canada flight beyond the 24-h time limit, but not for the reservations for Basic Economy.

Q2 Can I change my Air Canada flight without a fee?

Inside the 24-h time limit, you are permitted to alter any Air Canada itinerary. However, only the below travel arrangements can be cancelled outside of this time frame without incurring fees:
1) Comfort tickets, in the case that a substitution is made more than two months prior to departure.
2) Flexible flight reservation for Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business.
3) Award reservation for Altitude Super Elite 100K individuals.

Q3 What is the Air Canada flight time change policy?

You may modify your time of flight in accordance with Air Canada’s regulation up to two hours prior to the time of your flight’s planned takeoff. If you haven’t bought a Flex ticket, you’ll be charged according to the terms of your reservation and the time you make the modifications.

Q4 When is Air Canada changes free?

Inside the 24-hour time limit, Air Canada offers free flight adjustments, but after that, the cost difference (if any) is always due.

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