Allegiant Airlines Booking

Allegiant Air Booking

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Allegiant Airlines Booking : The United States only low-cost carrier, Allegiant Airlines, is situated in Summerlin, Nevada. Although it is frequently confused for an airline located in Las Vegas, its headquarters are in another city. With a fleet of more than 105 aircraft, Allegiant Airlines flies to over 128 destinations in the United States, including both small towns and well-known tourist hotspots.

All of Allegiant Airlines flights, which are all in coach class, have one-class cabins. On some of its flights, the airline does provide a number of premium upgrades, including Allegiant Extra, Giant Seats, and Legroom+. Allegiant received the Women’s Choice Award in 2017 and was named one of Glassdoor’s Top 100 Best Places to Work in America in 2020.

Allegiant Airlines Booking Options

Are you interested in making a reservation with Allegiant Air but are unclear about the process? Here are some suggestions for booking with Allegiant Air:

  • By Phone: Call the airline directly to book a reservation.
  • Online: To make a reservation at your convenience, visit the Allegiant Air website.
  • Mobile App: Download the Allegiant Air mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, to make a reservation.
  • Ticket Office: To make a reservation in person, go to an Allegiant Air ticket office.
  • Travel agency: A travel agency is another option for making reservations.

For people who want to travel on a tight budget without sacrificing the quality of their trip, provides a great option. We recognize that flying may be stressful. Therefore, we work hard to make the journey as enjoyable as we can for our clients.

You can contact our customer support team any time of day or night for assistance with any queries you may have about travelling. Even the smallest of your demands, such as precise layovers or help at airports, are carefully taken into account. It is because we want to make sure that all of your travel-related goals come true and that you travel with a positive attitude.

At, we provide high-quality travel experiences while delivering reasonable flight tickets that are tailored to your budget. We take pride in offering our clients fair prices, and we want to make your life happier overall.

Please visit our website at for additional information about our flight options. There, you may select from a list of more than 700 locations. Contact us at +1-888-702-4465 or if you require assistance.

How to Book a Flight Online?

Here are the procedures to take if you want to buy an Allegiant flight online:

  • Visit to learn more.
  • Your airports of departure and arrival, the dates of your trip, and the number of passengers should all be entered.
  • To view the flights that are available for your selected itinerary, click the “Search” button.
  • Select any other features or services you may require, such as package deals, travel arrangements, and the number of passengers.
  • Choose the places you want each passenger to sit.
  • If necessary, add any checked or carry-on luggage.
  • To finish your reservation, go to the payment page and input your payment information.

You can easily book an Allegiant flight online by following these easy steps and personalizing your trip to suit your interests.

How to Book a Flight with the Mobile App?

The Allegiant Air mobile app offers a practical method for scheduling a flight directly from your smartphone. The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You must create a free Allegiant account before using the app. However, the process of booking a flight can start after you download the app and create an account.

You can enter your travel information using the app, including your departure and arrival locations, travel dates, and passenger count. Following that, the app will show a list of accessible flights for your itinerary. From there, you may select your preferred flight and add-on options like seats, luggage, and discount packages. Once you’ve decided on everything, go to the payment page to finish making your reservation.

Your e-ticket will be sent directly to your app when you complete your booking, making it simple to access your trip information wherever you are. In addition, you may quickly monitor your travel schedule and make necessary adjustments to your reservation with the Allegiant Air app, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

How to Book a Flight by Phone

You can choose to book your flight over the phone if you’d instead not do it online or through the Allegiant Air mobile app. When you phone the airline: +1-888-702-4465 , an experienced travel agent will help you plan a comprehensive holiday itinerary and identify and book the best airfare for your travel needs.

An itinerary number will be given to you after you call to make a reservation for your flight. When you get to the airport, you must provide this number at the check-in counter. Alternatively, you can use it to generate a boarding pass online using the website or mobile app.

If you prefer to speak with a live person rather than depending on the technology or if you have questions or worries about your travel arrangements, booking your flight over the phone can be a terrific alternative. In addition, to make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible, the travel agent can help you with any unique requests, such as seat allocations or special accommodations.

Allegiant Airlines Booking for Passengers with Special Needs

Allegiant Airlines provides a range of services to assist customers with special needs or requirements. Here are some of the services they offer:

  • Passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility can seek assistance with boarding, disembarking, and navigating the airport.
  • Travellers can get information about airline policies and procedures if they need to bring medical equipment with them, such as portable oxygen concentrators (POCs).
  • To ensure a comfortable journey, pregnant women can receive special considerations, including priority boarding and seating.
  • Babysitting services and priority seating alternatives are available for passengers who are travelling with young children or infants.
  • Information about airline policies and requirements for carrying their animals on board is available to passengers who are travelling with support or animals.
  • Travellers with pets can get information on the airline’s pet policy, such as size and weight limitations and specifications for pet carriers.

No matter their unique requirements or circumstances, Allegiant Airlines wants to make air travel convenient and accessible for every passenger. Be sure to get in touch with the airline ahead of time to make arrangements if you need any of these services or have inquiries about travelling with Allegiant.

How to Make an Allegiant Airlines Booking for Special Needs Passengers

Making an online reservation for a traveller with special requirements:

  • Go to
  • Follow the standard booking procedures.
  • As necessary, enter the passenger’s name.
  • The “Request Special Assistance” link should be clicked.
  • Indicate the necessary Special Service Request (SSR), for instance:
  • wheelchair support
  • seating arrangements
  • Stowage for assistive devices
  • Assistance with an escort (for travellers who are blind, for example)
  • Complete the payment process for your flight reservation.

Call this number to make Allegiant Airlines Booking: Inform the Allegiant representative of your Special Service Request (SSR) if making a reservation through the Allegiant Airlines phone number. As an alternative, you can submit your request for special assistance using the online “Customer Request For Assistance Form”.

How to Check Your Flight Status on Allegiant

  • Please go to
  • From the dropdown menu in the top right corner, select “Flight Status”.
  • Select “Flight Number” or “Departure Airport” as your option.
  • Enter your flight information either by flight number or the default departure airport.
  • Select “Check Status” from the menu.
  • Check the screen for the status of your flight.

How to Get Senior Discounts on Allegiant

Golden years? Golden savings! Allegiant Air offers senior discounts for travelers aged 65 and older:

  • When booking online, select the senior fare option if applicable.
  • Provide valid identification to confirm your age and eligibility.
  • Enjoy reduced fares and explore new destinations without breaking the bank.

8 Money-Saving Suggestions

  • Early Booking: To lock in reduced rates, book your flights as soon as possible. Prices increase as seat availability increases. When reservations are made early, Allegiant frequently releases itineraries six to nine months in advance, with fares starting at just USD 29. Even with a month’s notice, each traveller can save more than USD 60.
  • Home Boarding Pass Printing: Printing your boarding card at home will save you $5 by avoiding the printing fees at the airport.
  • Efficient Packing: Pack effectively with one free personal carry-on item that is 7 x 15 x 16 inches in size. To avoid paying for checked baggage, maximise capacity by employing tools like space bags and wearing bulkier clothing.
  • Debit Card Usage:  Use debit cards instead of credit cards to cut down on credit card processing fees.
  • Personal Snacks:  Bring your food, such as granola bars, sandwiches, and miniature candy bars, for personal snacks. Carry an empty bottle that you can fill at McDonald’s or Starbucks following security.
  • Seat Assignment Consideration:  Avoid purchasing seat assignments if possible because your group will likely sit together without paying extra.
  • Inquire about Discounted Tickets: Speak with the airline to learn more about available discounted tickets.
  • Exploring Flight Deals: Check out the flight deals page to see if you can save money.

How to Get Senior Discounts on Allegiant

Senior discounts are not currently offered by Allegiant as part of their offerings. However, give their customer care a call if you’re looking for affordable ticket options designed for older citizens. Finding appropriate airfare and offers that suit your preferences might be helped by their representatives.

Allegiant Airlines Group Booking

  • Allegiant provides discounts on its standard routes for groups of ten or more. While travelling in a group, there are two ways to ask for a group reservation discount:
  • Send your questions to
  • Call and ask for a group discount right now.

Steps to Follow :

  • Gather your group members’ information, including travel dates and preferences.
  • Visit the Allegiant Air group booking page on their website.
  • Fill out the group booking request form with accurate details.
  • A dedicated Allegiant team member will contact you to finalize the booking and ensure a seamless experience.

Allegiant Manage My Booking

The Manage My Booking feature of Allegiant’s website, “Manage Travel,” is a valuable feature that enables you to:

  • Observe your travel schedule
  • Your flight reservations can be modified or cancelled.
  • selecting or enhancing seating
  • Purchase advance luggage for priority access
  • Include a hotel or auto rental

To modify an Allegiant online flight reservation:

  • Visit
  • The tabs should have “Manage Travel” selected.
  • Select one of the following three options:
  • Via confirmation email
  • Through Confirmation
  • Using a credit or debit card

For the option you choose, complete the details.

If you want to change or cancel your flight reservation, follow the procedures:

  • Select a seat.
  • Advance purchase of luggage
  • Priority Access Improvement
  • Include a hotel stay or a rental car.

You can also manage your Allegiant reservations using the smartphone app. Additionally, if you encounter any problems or are confused about what to do next, customer relations can offer advice.

Allegiant Phone Numbers—Customer Relations

You can contact Allegiant’s customer care by phone, email, or live chat:

  • +1-888-702-4465, Customer Relations Officer (CRO)
  • Request for Special Service: (702) 430-3283
  • Email Address for Concerns and Questions with Live Chat Option

Allegiant Cabin Classes

Airline offers different cabin classes to suit various preferences and budgets:

Allegiant Seating Options

  • Standard Seating: Comfy seats with ample legroom for a pleasant journey.
  • Stretch Seating: Upgrade to enjoy extra legroom and priority boarding.
  • Premium Seating: Treat yourself to premium seats with additional perks.

Seat Reservation Allegiant —FREE and Paid Seat Assignment

Secure your preferred seat with ease:

  • During the booking process, choose your seat preferences.
  • Standard seats are often allocated for free, while premium seating options may involve an additional fee.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm your seat selection and complete the booking.

How to Make a Seat Reservation on Allegiant

  • Log in to your Allegiant Air account.
  • Access your upcoming trip and navigate to the seat reservation section.
  • Browse available seating options and select your desired seat.
  • Complete the reservation process and receive a confirmation.

Optional Services offered by Allegiant

Make your travel experience even more enjoyable with these optional services:

  • Baggage Options: Choose from various baggage allowances based on your needs.
  • Priority Boarding: Get on board early and settle in comfortably.
  • In-Flight Refreshments: Pre-purchase snacks and drinks for a satisfying journey.

Allegiant Bundles

Save big by opting for Allegiant bundles, which combine essential travel services:

Benefits of Allegiant Bundles

  • Enjoy a bundled package of services, including baggage allowance, priority boarding, and more.
  • Save time and money compared to purchasing services individually.

Allegiant In-flight Entertainment (IFE) Services

Stay entertained in the air with Allegiant’s inflight entertainment offerings:

  • Rent a tablet for a selection of movies, TV shows, and games.
  • Sit back and enjoy a variety of entertainment options during your flight.

Allegiant In-flight Amenities

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing journey with these amenities:

  • Stay connected with in-flight Wi-Fi (available on select flights).
  • Purchase snacks, drinks, and merchandise from the in-flight menu.

Allegiant Air’s Frequent Flyer Program—myAllegiant Rewards

Earning rewards while traveling? Count us in! Here’s what you need to know about myAllegiant Rewards:

What You Should Know About myAllegiant Rewards

  • Earn points for every eligible dollar spent on Allegiant purchases.
  • Redeem points for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more.
  • Enjoy exclusive deals and promotions as a myAllegiant Rewards member.


Q1 What is the phone number for Allegiant Airlines Booking?

The Allegiant Airlines reservation phone number is +1-888-702-4465.

Q2 How do I book airline tickets on Allegiant Air?

Booking airline tickets with Allegiant Air is possible over the phone, online at, or through the company’s mobile app.

Q3 Does Allegiant Airlines book online tickets?
Yes, Allegiant does allow online bookings through
Q4 How to book a flight on Allegiant Airlines?

You can make an Allegiant reservation over the phone, online at, via the airline’s mobile app, or by going to an area Allegiant ticket office.

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