Delta Airlines Seat Selection

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

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Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy: When choosing seats, Delta Airlines gives customers a wide range of options, enabling them to tailor their trip to suit their needs and preferences. Passengers have access to a variety of seating options, from economy class to premium cabins, offering a relaxing and comfortable trip.

We will go into the topic of Delta seat selection in this extensive post, covering an examination of the many seat types available, offering advice on the seat selection procedure, and providing helpful hints to maximize the enjoyment of your Delta Airlines flight.

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What are the seating options available with Delta Airlines?

In order to best serve its prestigious passengers, Delta Airlines recognizes the value of offering a wide variety of seating options. These seating arrangements, which change according to the particular aircraft, cabin class, and fare type chosen, are made to guarantee the highest comfort and enjoyment. Let’s examine the variety of seating choices offered by Delta Airlines:

  • Delta One: This upscale cabin class is available on domestic and international flights. Flyers who choose the Delta One experience can relax in lie-flat seats and enjoy the utmost comfort during their trip. They are also given access to premium entertainment, chef-curated meals, and a variety of other pleasant facilities.
  • First Class: This premium seating option is offered on the majority of domestic flights as well as certain international ones. Comfortable travel is made possible by the substantially roomy seats and additional legroom, and the complimentary snacks and beverages tempt the palate. Priority boarding enhances ease and efficiency and includes Delta Premium choice seats.
  • Delta Comfort+: Delta’s premium economy class goes above and beyond to make passengers more comfortable. Increased legroom allows passengers to spread out and unwind. A dedicated overhead bin ensures quick access to personal items, and some flights provide complimentary beer, wine, and spirits to enhance the experience.
  • Main Cabin: Delta’s regular economy class ensures customers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight. The seats are made to offer sufficient support and comfort during the trip. To keep travellers hydrated, complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are provided.
  • Basic Economy: For those looking for a more affordable option, Delta’s Basic Economy seat selection offers a no-frills travel experience. Although this fare class has several restrictions, such as seat allocations only made at check-in and no cancellations or refunds, it enables travellers to reliably reach their destination. Basic Economy ticket holders board the flight last.

How does seat selection work with Delta Airlines?

  • Options for Seat Selection: During the booking process for your travel with Delta Airlines, you will be given a chance to select your seat. If you don’t indicate your preferred seat, one will be chosen later.
  • Tickets for Basic Economy: If you have a Basic Economy ticket, you cannot choose your seat in advance. Instead, a seat assignment will be determined when you check in and adjustments to that seat cannot be made afterwards.
  • Standard Economy and Higher Fare Classes: Travellers who purchase tickets in the Standard Economy or higher fare classes typically have the freedom to select their seats for free, either at the time of booking or at any point before takeoff. Regular economy seats, seats with more legroom, preferred seats (positioned closer to the front of the aircraft), and seats in Delta’s premium cabins like First Class or Delta One are just a few of the seating options available on Delta flights.
  • Delta SkyMiles Elite Status: Elite status in the Delta SkyMiles programme entitles members to complimentary or discounted seat selection in certain fare classes. The variety of alternatives depends on the elite rank level.
  • Delta Comfort+: “Delta Comfort+” is a service offered by Delta Airlines that includes extra legroom, a designated overhead bin, and other benefits. Eligible passengers may purchase or be given these seats at no additional cost.
  • Special Assistance and Specific Requirements: Passengers with special needs or specific requirements, such as those who require bassinets, need special assistance, or prefer an aisle seat, can contact Delta’s customer service team to request a seat assignment that satisfies their requirements.

What is the seating map or configurations for all the fleets Delta Airlines operates?

Delta Airlines has a sizable fleet of aeroplanes, each with a distinctive seating layout. The seat selection diagrams or configurations for the various Delta Airlines fleet aircraft are as follows:

1) Airbus A220-100:

    • 12 seats in First Class
    • 15 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 82 seats in Main Cabin

2) Airbus A220-300:

    • 12 seats in First Class
    • 30 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 88 seats in Main Cabin

3) Airbus A319-100:

    • 12 seats in First Class
    • 18 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 102 seats in Main Cabin

4) Airbus A320-200:

    • 16 seats in First Class
    • 18 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 123 seats in Main Cabin

5) Airbus A321-200:

    • 20 seats in First Class
    • 29 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 142 seats in Main Cabin

6) Airbus A321neo:

    • 20 seats in First Class
    • 42 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 132 seats in Main Cabin

7) Airbus A330-200:

    • 34 seats in Delta One
    • 32 seats in Delta Premium Select
    • 168 seats in Main Cabin

8) Airbus A330-300:

    • 34 seats in Delta One
    • 21 seats in Delta Premium Select
    • 24 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 144 seats in Main Cabin

9) Airbus A330-900neo:

    • 29 seats in Delta One
    • 28 seats in Delta Premium Select
    • 56 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 168 seats in Main Cabin

10) Airbus A350-900 (359):

    • 32 seats in Delta One
    • 48 seats in Delta Premium Select
    • 36 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 190 seats in Main Cabin

11) Boeing 717-200:

    • 12 seats in First Class
    • 20 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 78 seats in Main Cabin

12) Boeing 737-800:

    • 16 seats in First Class
    • 36 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 108 seats in Main Cabin

13) Boeing 737-900ER (739):

    • 20 seats in First Class
    • 21 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 139 seats in Main Cabin

14) Boeing 757-200 (75D):

    • 20 seats in First Class
    • 29 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 150 seats in Main Cabin

15) Boeing 757-300 (75Y):

    • 24 seats in First Class
    • 32 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 178 seats in Main Cabin

16) Boeing 767-300ER (76Z):

    • 26 seats in Delta One
    • 35 seats in Delta Comfort+
    • 165 seats in Main Cabin

How to pick seats on Delta flights?

There are several methods available to request Delta seat selection, and the procedure is simple:

  • Choosing Your Seat During Booking: You will have the option to select your seat when making a reservation for a flight. Choose the seat of your choice from those offered at that moment.
  • After Booking: Don’t worry if you didn’t choose your seat when making the original reservation. At any time leading up to your flight, you can still access your Delta account and select your seat. As an alternative, you can choose your seat quickly using the simple Delta app.
  • If you don’t choose a seat in advance of check-in, one will be given to you at that time. Even if you are given a seat, you can still alter it at the check-in desk or, if one is available, using a self-service kiosk.
  • Preferred Seating: For a price, Delta Airlines offers preferred seating alternatives. These seats frequently offer extra advantages like more legroom, a closer location to the front of the plane, or more comforts. Preferential seating options are available during the booking process as well as at any time prior to takeoff by choosing and paying for them.

Requesting a Delta seat option during the initial booking process or as soon as feasible after booking is the most practical method to do so.

How to select a seat with Delta Airlines during booking?

Follow these steps to ask for a Delta Airlines seat preference while making your reservation:

  • Use the mobile app or the official Delta Airlines website.
  • To start the reservation process, enter the cities of departure and destination, the dates of travel, and the number of passengers.
  • Select your desired flight from the list of results for your flight search.
  • Locate the “Trip Extras” area on the “Review Trip Details” page and select the “Select Seats” button.
  • You’ll be taken to the “Select Seats” page, where a seat map with green-highlighted available seats can be found. Choose the seat(s) by clicking on them.
  • You will be asked to confirm your choice and pay any relevant seat selection costs after choosing your desired seat(s).

How to select the seat with Delta Airlines after the booking?

Follow these procedures to choose a seat using Delta Airlines’ manage booking tab:

  • Open the Delta app or go to the Delta Airlines website.
  • Select the “My Trips” section or link.
  • Along with your first and last name, provide your confirmation number, payment card information, or ticket number. You can access your reservation with the use of this information.
  • Select the “Seat Selection” option once you are on the reservation page.
  • The available seats on your flight will be shown on a seat map.
  • Examine the seat map, then click on the location of your preference. Usually, the map shows which seats are still open and which ones have been claimed by other travellers.
  • Click “Confirm” or “Save” to make your seat decision official if you are happy with it.
  • During the seat selection process, if you run into any problems or have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Delta Airlines customer support for more help.

By following these instructions, you may quickly choose your preferred seat using the Delta Airlines manage booking tab, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

How to select a seat with Delta Airlines at check-in?

Please follow these steps to request Delta online check-in seat selection:

  • Log in to your account by visiting the Delta Airlines website or using their mobile app.
  • A “Check-In” option will appear for your next flight.
  • To access your reservation, enter the origin airport with your confirmation number, SkyMiles number, ticket number, or credit card number.
  • To finish the check-in procedure, adhere to the prompts presented. The available seat options will be visible once you arrive at the seat selection page.
  • Select your chosen seat from the choices shown.
  • Verify the seat you’ve chosen, then finish the Delta check-in procedure.

You can quickly request your preferred seat during the Delta online check-in procedure by following these steps. Enjoy your Delta Airlines travel!

How much is the fee to select the seats on Delta Airlines?

The cost of choosing a seat on a Delta flight might change depending on a number of variables, such as the fare type, destination, and the particular seat you want. Delta Airlines offers a variety of price classes, including Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, and First Class, with varying seat selection fees. It is advised to get in touch with Delta Airlines’ customer support to find out the exact cost of choosing a seat. Their committed staff can answer any questions you may have and can provide you with accurate and current information on seat selection prices.

You can get the information you need concerning seat selection fees by getting in touch with Delta Airlines customer care, ensuring you have a comprehensive grasp of the prices involved. Or contact, which is a comprehensive online platform that aims to simplify and enhance the travel experience for individuals worldwide. provides help with a variety of areas of air travel, including ticket booking, seat selection, itinerary management, and travel insurance, and does it with a user-friendly interface and a broad range of services.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just organizing a single trip, offers a practical and dependable way to meet your travel requirements. The platform’s dedicated customer support team, accessible to answer questions and offer tailored assistance, demonstrates its dedication to customer happiness. Travellers may easily overcome the challenges of air travel with the help of, assuring a seamless and enjoyable trip from beginning to end.


Delta Airlines offers customers a wide variety of seat selection alternatives to meet their unique preferences and needs. Delta Airlines guarantees a smooth and comfortable booking experience, whether choosing a preferred seat location or upgrading to a more roomy or premium seat. These seat selection options improve passenger comfort and contentment and add to the overall flying experience. With its dedication to providing outstanding opportunities for seat selection, Delta Airlines upholds its position as a well-known and dependable carrier in the market.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1 Can I select my seat for free on a Delta flight?

There are different pricing classes available on Delta Air Lines, and whether you can choose your seat for free depends on your fare class, frequent flyer status, and other variables.

Q2 How much does it cost to choose a seat on a Delta flight?

Several variables, including the route, the timing of the reservation, and the ticket class, might affect the cost of selecting a seat on Delta flights.

Q3 Can I change my Delta seat after selecting it?

On Delta flights, you can request a certain seat type, like an aisle or a window seat. You will have the chance to choose your preferred seat when you buy your Delta trip online.

Q4 How can I select a seat on a Delta flight?

With Delta Airlines, customers can choose their seats at check-in, during the booking process, and even after.

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