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Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy

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When it comes to air travel, sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, and passengers may need to make changes to their flight details, including the name on their ticket. In such situations, having a clear understanding of an airline’s name change policy becomes crucial. This blog post aims to provide comprehensive information about the Emirates Airlines name change policy, helping passengers navigate through the process smoothly.

Emirates Airlines is a renowned airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates a vast network of domestic and international flights, connecting passengers to various destinations worldwide. As a customer-centric airline, Emirates understands that changes in travel plans can occur, and therefore, it offers a name change policy to accommodate passengers’ needs.

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Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy: A Closer Look

How to Change/Correct the Name on Emirates Flight Tickets?

The process of changing or correcting a name on an Emirates flight ticket involves a series of steps, both online and offline. Here’s a breakdown:

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Online

  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the Emirates official website and log in to your account.
  • Access Booking Details: Locate your booking and go to the manage booking section.
  • Initiate Correction: Follow the prompts to initiate the name correction process.
  • Provide Documentation: Upload the necessary documentation, such as passport scans and relevant identification.
  • Pay Correction Fee: If applicable, make the payment for the name correction fee.
  • Review and Confirm: Double-check the provided information and confirm the correction.

Flight Change Offline Emirates Airlines

  • Contact Customer Service: Reach out to Emirates customer service via phone: +1-888-702-4465.
  • Provide Booking Details: Furnish your booking information and explain the need for a name correction.
  • Follow Instructions: Follow the instructions given by the customer service representative.
  • Submit Documentation: Submit the required documents through the provided channels.
  • Payment and Confirmation: Process any payment required for the correction, and wait for confirmation.

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Fee

Airlines charges a fee for name corrections on flight tickets. The fee can vary based on factors such as the destination, the time of correction, and the fare type. It’s crucial to be aware of these potential charges, so you’re not caught off guard. The fee might be higher if the correction is made closer to the departure date. Always check the current fee structure on the Emirates website or by contacting their customer service.

How Can Airlines Ticket Policy Help You?

Navigating the intricacies of airline policies can sometimes feel like deciphering a secret code. However, these policies are designed to assist passengers and ensure smoother travel experiences. Understanding the Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy can help you:

  • Avoid Last-Minute Stress: Correct any errors in your name well before your travel date to avoid last-minute panic.
  • Save Money: By being aware of the correction fee structure, you can plan accordingly and minimize unnecessary expenses.
  • Streamline Communication: Knowing the correct channels and methods for correction can streamline communication with the airline.

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Name Change Options for Emirates Airlines Tickets

Emirates Airlines allows passengers to make name changes under specific circumstances. Let’s explore the different options available:

1) Name Correction

If a passenger made a minor spelling mistake while booking a ticket, Emirates Airlines provides the option to correct the name without any additional charges. However, this option is subject to specific conditions and may require supporting documentation.

2) Name Change due to Marriage or Divorce

In cases where a passenger’s name needs to be changed due to marriage or divorce, Emirates Airlines offers a name change option. This ensures that the name on the ticket matches the passenger’s updated legal documents. Relevant proof such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree is typically required.

3) Name Change for Other Reasons

Emirates Airlines understands that unforeseen circumstances may arise, necessitating a name change for reasons other than marriage or divorce. Passengers facing such situations can contact Emirates Airlines to discuss their specific case and explore available options.

Name Change Fees and Charges

Name changes often incur fees, and Emirates Airlines follows a transparent fee structure. The specific fees may vary based on factors such as fare type and the number of passengers involved. Let’s delve into the details:

1) Standard Name Change Fee:

Emirates Airlines typically charges a standard fee for name changes. The exact amount of the fee is subject to change, so passengers are advised to refer to the Emirates Airlines website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information.

2) Name Change Fee for Different Fare Types:

Different fare types may have varying name change fees. Passengers who booked their tickets under a specific fare type should be aware of any additional charges that may apply. It’s recommended to review the fare rules and conditions at the time of booking.

3) Name Change Fee for Group Bookings

For group bookings, where multiple passengers are traveling together, Emirates Airlines may have specific guidelines and fees associated with name changes. Passengers should check the airline’s policy for group bookings or contact Emirates Airlines directly to inquire about the name change process for group reservations.

Name Change Process for Emirates Airlines Tickets

To ensure a smooth name change process, passengers should follow the prescribed steps outlined by Emirates Airlines. The process typically involves the following:

1) Contacting Emirates Airlines:

Passengers who require a name change should reach out to Airlines as soon as possible. This can be done through various channels, including phone, email, or the airline’s official website. Contact information: +1-888-702-4465 is readily available on their website.

2) Submitting Required Documents:

 Airlines may require passengers to provide certain documents to support their name change request. These documents may include identification proof, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, or any other relevant legal documentation. It’s important to ensure the accuracy and validity of the provided documents.

3) Paying the Name Change Fee:

Once the name change request is initiated and the required documents are submitted, Emirates Airlines will inform passengers about the applicable name change fee. Passengers are usually required to make the payment before the name change can be processed.

4) Receiving the Updated Ticket:

After completing the necessary steps and settling the name change fee, passengers will receive the updated ticket reflecting the corrected or changed name. It’s important to verify the new ticket details and ensure they match the passenger’s updated identification documents.

Tips and Guidelines for Smooth Name Change Process

To help passengers navigate the Emirates name change process smoothly, here are some useful tips and guidelines:

1) Check the Eligibility for Name Change

Before initiating a name change request, passengers should review Emirates Airlines’ name change policy to understand the eligibility criteria. By ensuring they meet the necessary requirements, passengers can avoid potential complications during the process.

2) Review the Name Change Policy Before Booking

To avoid surprises or difficulties later, it’s advisable for passengers to familiarize themselves with Emirates Airlines’ name change policy before making a booking. By understanding the policy upfront, passengers can make informed decisions regarding their travel plans.

3) Double-Check the Booking Details

To minimize the chances of requiring a name change, passengers should double-check the accuracy of their booking details at the time of reservation. Verifying the spelling of names and other information can help prevent unnecessary corrections later.

4) Provide Correct Documentation

When submitting documentation for a name change request, passengers must ensure the accuracy and validity of the provided documents. Incorrect or expired documents can lead to delays or complications during the name change process.


In conclusion, understanding the name change policy of Emirates is essential for passengers who may need to make changes to their flight ticket details. Whether it’s a minor name correction, a name change due to marriage or divorce, or any other reason, Emirates provides options to accommodate passengers’ needs. By following the outlined process, passengers can navigate through the name change procedure smoothly and ensure their tickets reflect accurate information.

Airlines prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to provide a seamless travel experience. It’s recommended that passengers review the name change policy before making their bookings and double-check their details to minimize the need for corrections. By following the tips and guidelines provided, passengers can confidently manage the name change process and enjoy their journey with Emirates .

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1 Can I change the name on my Emirates Airlines ticket?

Yes, Emirates Airlines allows passengers to change the name on their tickets under certain circumstances. It’s important to review the airline’s name change policy and follow the prescribed process.

Q2 What is the name change fee for Emirates Airlines?

The name change fee for Emirates Airlines can vary depending on factors such as the type of fare and the number of passengers involved. It is recommended to refer to the airline’s official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the name change fee.

Q3 What documents are required for a name change with Emirates ?

The specific documents required for a name change with Airlines may vary based on the reason for the change. Common documents include identification proof, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, or other legal documentation to support the name change request. Passengers are advised to contact Airlines directly or refer to their official website for the exact documentation requirements.

Q4 Can I change the name on a group booking with Emirates Airlines?

Yes, Emirates allows name changes for group bookings. However, there may be specific guidelines and fees associated with changing names in a group reservation. It is recommended to review the airline’s policy for group bookings or contact Emirates directly to inquire about the name change process for group reservations.

Q5 How can I contact Emirates Airlines for a name change request?

Passengers can contact Emirates  for a name change request through various channels. These include the airline’s customer service phone line, email, or by visiting their official website. The contact information can be easily found on the Emirates Airlines website.

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