Southwest Low Fare Calendar

Southwest Low Fare Calendar

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Southwest Low Fare Calendar: When it comes to planning a trip, finding affordable flights is often a top priority for travelers. Budget airlines have gained popularity due to their low-cost offerings, and Southwest Airlines is one such airline that has been a favorite among budget-conscious travelers for several decades.

In this blog post, we will explore a unique tool provided by Southwest Airlines called the “Low Fare Calendar.” This tool enables travelers to find the most affordable fares for their desired travel dates and destinations. We will delve into the details of this calendar, understand how it works, and provide valuable tips for using it effectively.

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What is the Southwest Low Fare Calendar 2023?

Southwest Airlines is renowned for its affordability, and the Low Fare Calendar is the treasure map to its best deals. The calendar provides a visual representation of fare prices for each day, allowing you to identify the cheapest options. It’s like having a crystal ball that shows you when to book your flight for maximum savings.

Accessing the Calendar

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of fare hunting, let’s learn how to access this magical calendar. Southwest Airlines’ website is user-friendly, and you can easily find the Low Fare Calendar under the ‘Flight’ tab. It’s a handy tool that opens doors to significant savings.

How to Book Tickets Through Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar

Booking your flight through the Low Fare Calendar is a breeze. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Calendar: Start by visiting the Southwest Airlines website and clicking on the ‘Flight’ tab.
  • Select Your Departure City: Enter your departure city in the designated field.
  • Choose Your Destination: Likewise, specify your destination.
  • Pick Your Travel Dates: Select your preferred travel dates. Remember, flexibility can save you big bucks.
  • Explore the Calendar: The Low Fare Calendar will display a range of dates with varying fare prices. Scroll through and choose the date that suits your budget.
  • Book Your Flight: Click on the desired date, and the website will guide you through the booking process. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Southwest Low Fare Finder 2023: Features

Southwest Airlines’ Low Fare Finder is a game-changer for budget-conscious travelers. Let’s explore its features:

  • Flexible Search: The Low Fare Finder allows you to search for flights within a range of dates, ideal for those with flexible travel plans.
  • Multiple Departure Airports: You can search for low fares from various airports in your region.
  • Filter by Budget: Set your budget, and the tool will find flights that match it.
  • Interactive Map: Visualize your options with an interactive map that displays fare prices for different destinations.

Benefits of Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar

The Low Fare Calendar isn’t just about saving money. It offers numerous benefits:

  • Travel Planning Made Easy: The calendar simplifies the process of finding the most cost-effective travel dates, reducing the stress of planning your trip.
  • Maximize Miles: If you’re a Rapid Rewards member, you can maximize your miles by booking flights on discounted dates.
  • Last-Minute Deals: Even if you’re a spontaneous traveler, you can still find last-minute deals on the Low Fare Calendar.
  • Open Seating: Enjoy the freedom of open seating, allowing you to choose your preferred spot on the plane.

Exploring Destinations with the Southwest Low Fare Calendar

The Low Fare Calendar doesn’t just offer great deals; it also inspires you to explore new destinations. Here are some exciting places you can visit with Southwest Airlines:

  • Beaches Galore: Whether it’s the pristine shores of Cancun or the lively beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Southwest Airlines can take you to some of the world’s most beautiful beach destinations.
  • Mountain Retreats: If you’re a nature enthusiast, explore the Rocky Mountains in Denver or the Sierra Nevada in Reno.
  • Cultural Escapes: Immerse yourself in culture by visiting cities like New Orleans or San Antonio.
  • Family Fun: Plan a family vacation to Orlando or Anaheim and enjoy world-famous theme parks.

Types of Booking in Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines offers two primary booking options, each with its perks and considerations:

1. Paid Booking

When you book a flight with cash, you have the flexibility to choose any available fare. This option is ideal if you want to earn more Rapid Rewards points or if you’re not a frequent traveler.

2. Award Booking

If you’re a Rapid Rewards member and have accumulated points, you can use them to book award flights. This is a fantastic way to make your points work for you and enjoy free or discounted travel.

How to Use the Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar Effectively

To use the Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar effectively, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines website and navigate to the “Book” section.
  • Select the option for “Low Fare Calendar.”
  • Input your departure city, arrival city, and preferred travel dates.
  • Explore the calendar to identify the lowest fares for your desired dates.
  • Click on a specific date to view available flight options and corresponding fares.
  • Select the flight that suits your preferences and proceed with the booking process.

Understanding the fare types and fare rules

When booking a “Wanna Get Away” fare, it’s important to understand the fare rules associated with this type of ticket. These rules may vary depending on the specific flight and booking conditions. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Non-refundable: “Wanna Get Away” fares are generally non-refundable. However, Southwest Airlines offers customers the flexibility to apply the value of the fare to future travel within a specified timeframe. This policy provides some peace of mind in case your travel plans change.
  • Limited Changes: While “Wanna Get Away” fares are non-refundable, customers can still make changes to their flights, subject to certain restrictions. Changes to the departure city, arrival city, and travel dates may incur additional charges. It’s important to review the fare rules and associated fees before making any modifications.
  • No Seat Selection: With “Wanna Get Away” fares, seat selection is not included. Passengers will be assigned a seat during the check-in process. However, for a nominal fee, travelers can opt for EarlyBird Check-In, which provides earlier access to seat selection and boarding.
  • Rapid Rewards Eligibility: Despite being a discounted fare, “Wanna Get Away” tickets are still eligible for earning Southwest Rapid Rewards points. This allows travelers to accumulate points for future flights and other rewards.

Tips for Getting the Best Deals

Pro Strategies for Savvy Travelers

Now that you’re armed with knowledge about the Low Fare Calendar, let’s explore some expert tips for securing the best deals:

Book in Advance

Booking your flight well in advance often results in significant savings. Airlines typically release their schedules and fares about six to nine months ahead of time. By booking early, you can take advantage of lower prices.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

Flexibility is your ally when hunting for low fares. If your schedule permits, consider adjusting your travel dates to align with the cheapest options on the Low Fare Calendar. You might discover that traveling a day earlier or later can make a substantial difference in your fare.

Sign up for Fare Alerts

Don’t miss out on deals by waiting for the perfect moment. Sign up for fare alerts from Southwest Airlines to receive notifications about price drops and special promotions. Being in the loop can help you pounce on deals as soon as they become available.

Maximizing savings by choosing the right fare option

While the “Wanna Get Away” fare is the most budget-friendly option, Southwest Airlines also offers two other fare types: “Anytime” and “Business Select.” These fare types come with additional benefits but at higher price points. Here’s an overview of these fare options:

  • Anytime: The “Anytime” fare offers greater flexibility and benefits compared to the “Wanna Get Away” fare. It allows travelers to change their flights without incurring additional charges and provides the freedom to fly standby on an earlier flight, subject to availability. This fare is suitable for travelers who prefer more flexibility and convenience.
  • Business Select: The “Business Select” fare is Southwest Airlines’ premium offering. It includes priority boarding, guaranteed priority seating towards the front of the aircraft, and a complimentary premium drink onboard. This fare is designed for business travelers or passengers who prefer a more luxurious and hassle-free flying experience.

When using the Low Fare Calendar, it’s important to consider your travel priorities and budget to select the fare option that best aligns with your needs. While the “Wanna Get Away” fare is typically the most cost-effective choice, the “Anytime” or “Business Select” fares provide additional perks and flexibility for those willing to spend a bit more.


The Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar is a valuable tool for travelers seeking affordable flights. By understanding how to access and utilize the calendar effectively, travelers can unlock substantial savings and make informed decisions about their travel plans. Whether you’re planning a budget-friendly vacation or looking for cost-effective business travel options, the Low Fare Calendar empowers you to find the best fares available. So, why pay more when you can fly for less?

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Can I book flights directly from the Low Fare Calendar?

No, the Low Fare Calendar serves as a search tool to find the best fares. To book a flight, you will be redirected to the Southwest Airlines website, where you can complete your reservation.

Q2 Are the fares on the Low Fare Calendar accurate and up-to-date?

Yes, the fares displayed on the Low Fare Calendar are updated in real-time to ensure accuracy and reflect the most current pricing information.

Q3 Can I make changes or cancel my booking if I find a better deal later?

Southwest Airlines allows changes and modifications to bookings, subject to fare rules and any applicable fees. It’s important to review the fare rules and understand the change policy before making any modifications.

Q4 Are there any restrictions or limitations on using the Low Fare Calendar?

While the Low Fare Calendar provides a user-friendly interface and access to affordable fares, it’s important to note that the availability of fares is subject to demand, seat availability, and other factors. Fares can vary based on factors such as travel dates, routes, and other conditions.

Q5 What if I encounter technical issues or difficulties while using the Low Fare Calendar?

If you experience any technical difficulties or have questions about using the Low Fare Calendar, you can reach out to Southwest Airlines’ customer support for assistance. They will be able to help you navigate the tool and address any issues you may encounter.

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