Virgin Atlantic Upgrade

Virgin Atlantic Upgrade

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Virgin Atlantic Upgrade: It is a renowned airline that offers a wide range of services and features to enhance the travel experience for its passengers. One of the most sought-after benefits for frequent flyers is the opportunity to upgrade their seats or classes.

In this blog post, we will explore the various aspects of the Virgin Atlantic upgrade program, including the benefits, process, and tips for securing an upgrade.

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Key Highlights to Upgrade Virgin Atlantic Seat

Upgrading your seat with Virgin Atlantic can bring a touch of glamour to your journey, but it’s essential to understand the different options available. Here are the key highlights you need to know:

Cabin Classes

  • Economy: Your starting point, with comfortable seats and a standard range of services.
  • Premium Economy: More legroom, priority check-in, and a dedicated cabin for an enhanced experience.
  • Upper Class: The epitome of luxury, offering fully flat beds, exclusive lounges, and personalized services.

Upgrade Options

  • Bid for Upgrade: An exciting way to bid for an upgrade to a higher cabin class.

Virgin Atlantic Bid for Upgrade

Imagine adding an element of surprise to your travel plans by bidding for an upgrade. Here’s how the Virgin Atlantic bid-for-upgrade process works:

  • Visit the Virgin Atlantic website or app and locate the ‘Bid for Upgrade’ section.
  • Enter your booking details and submit your bid for the desired cabin class.
  • If your bid is accepted, you’ll receive a notification before your flight.

Bidding Upgrade Terms and Conditions

Before placing your bid, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions:

  • Bids can only be placed if your booking is eligible for an upgrade.
  • Winning the bid is not guaranteed, but you can increase your chances by bidding higher.

Virgin Atlantic Upgrade with Miles/Points

If you’re a member of Virgin Atlantic’s loyalty program, you might have the opportunity to upgrade using your accumulated miles or points.

How many points will I need to upgrade?

The number of miles or points required for an upgrade depends on several factors:

  • Cabin Class: Upgrading to a higher class will require more miles or points.
  • Route Length: Longer flights might require more miles or points.
  • Availability: The number of available upgrade seats on your chosen flight.

Virgin Atlantic Paid Upgrade

Before your flight, it’s a good idea to check if paid upgrades are available. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Virgin Atlantic account on the website or app.
  • Enter your booking details to see if paid upgrades are offered for your flight.

Paid Upgrade Applicability

  • Upgrades are generally available closer to the departure date.
  • The availability of paid upgrades depends on the flight’s occupancy.

Paid Upgrade Fees

The cost of paid upgrades varies depending on the cabin class and flight route. Here’s a rough breakdown:

  • Economy to Premium Economy: Starting at $200.
  • Premium Economy to Upper Class: Starting at $500.

Paid Upgrade Refunds

If you’ve paid for an upgrade but your plans change, here’s what you need to know about refunds:

  • Refunds are possible if you cancel your upgrade before the flight.
  • Refund policies vary, so be sure to review the terms when booking.

Baggage and Related Services for Paid Upgrades

When you opt for a paid upgrade, you might enjoy additional baggage allowance and other perks. These can include:

  • Increased baggage allowance.
  • Access to airport lounges.
  • Priority boarding.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Virgin Atlantic?

The cost of upgrading on Virgin Atlantic can vary greatly based on factors like route, cabin class, and availability. As a rough estimate:

  • Economy to Premium Economy upgrades can start at around $200.
  • Premium Economy to Upper Class upgrades can start at around $500.

How to Upgrade on Virgin Atlantic?

Upgrading your Virgin Atlantic flight is a straightforward process:

  • Log in to your Virgin Atlantic account.
  • Locate the ‘Manage My Booking’ section.
  • Check for upgrade availability on your flight.
  • Choose the upgrade option that suits you best and follow the prompts to complete the process.

Virgin Atlantic Last-Minute Upgrade

Sometimes, the allure of an upgrade strikes at the last moment. Airlines offers last-minute upgrade options, subject to availability.

First Class Upgrade Virgin Atlantic

Airlines offers Upper Class as its highest cabin class, which provides unparalleled luxury and comfort. However, it’s worth noting that Virgin Atlantic doesn’t offer a traditional “First Class” cabin.

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Upgrade

Upgrading to Premium Economy from Economy can cost as little as $200, depending on the route and availability. Premium Economy offers more legroom, enhanced dining options, and a more comfortable experience overall.

Benefits of Upgrading with Virgin Atlantic

When you opt for an upgrade with Virgin Atlantic, you gain access to a host of exclusive benefits that significantly enhance your overall travel experience. These benefits may include:

Enhanced travel experience

Upgrading your seat allows you to enjoy additional legroom, wider seats, and improved recline capabilities. This not only increases your comfort during the flight but also ensures a more pleasant journey overall. Moreover, upgraded cabins often offer better lighting, larger windows, and quieter environments, providing a serene ambiance for a more enjoyable travel experience.

Access to premium lounges

Virgin Atlantic’s premium lounges are designed to provide passengers with a luxurious pre-flight experience. As an upgraded passenger, you gain access to these exclusive lounges, where you can relax, unwind, and indulge in complimentary refreshments, snacks, and amenities. Lounges typically offer comfortable seating, high-speed Wi-Fi, shower facilities, and even spa treatments, allowing you to rejuvenate before your flight.

Priority boarding and baggage handling

Upgraded passengers receive priority boarding privileges, allowing them to board the aircraft before other passengers. This ensures that you have ample time to settle into your seat and get organized for the journey ahead. Additionally, upgraded passengers often enjoy priority baggage handling, ensuring that their checked luggage is among the first to be delivered upon arrival.

Increased comfort and amenities

When you upgrade with Virgin Atlantic, you gain access to a wide range of additional amenities. These may include premium bedding, noise-canceling headphones, amenity kits with toiletries, and upgraded dining options. These enhancements contribute to an elevated in-flight experience, making your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Upgrading Classes with Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic offers various upgrade options for passengers looking to enhance their travel experience. These options allow you to upgrade from one class to another, providing access to higher levels of comfort, luxury, and service.

Economy to Premium Economy

Upgrading from Economy to Premium Economy offers a significant improvement in comfort and amenities. Premium Economy seats provide more legroom, wider seats, and increased seat recline, allowing for a more relaxed journey. Passengers in this class also enjoy enhanced dining options, dedicated cabin crew, and priority check-in and boarding.

Premium Economy to Upper Class

For those seeking the utmost luxury and exclusivity, upgrading from Premium Economy to Upper Class is the way to go. Upper Class cabins feature fully flat beds, private suites with direct aisle access, and personalized service. Passengers in this class have access to Virgin Atlantic’s renowned onboard bar, a la carte dining options, and luxurious amenities, including spa treatments and chauffeur services.

Economy to Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic also provides the opportunity to upgrade directly from Economy to Upper Class. This option allows you to experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort, skipping the Premium Economy class. By upgrading to Upper Class, you gain access to all the exclusive amenities and services offered to Upper Class passengers.

How to Upgrade on Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic offers several methods for passengers to upgrade their seats or classes. Whether you prefer the convenience of online upgrades or the flexibility of airport upgrades, there are options available to suit your needs.

Using Virgin Atlantic’s website

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your seat is by utilizing Virgin Atlantic’s official website. Once you have booked your flight, you can log in to your account and check if any upgrade options are available for your itinerary. Virgin Atlantic often provides opportunities to bid for upgrades through their “Upgrade Auctions” program. This system allows passengers to place bids on available upgrades, and the highest bidders are awarded the upgrades.

Utilizing loyalty programs

Virgin Atlantic has a loyalty program called Flying Club, which offers its members various benefits, including the opportunity to upgrade their seats. By accumulating Flying Club miles through flights or affiliated partners, you can redeem them for upgrades. Additionally, members may receive exclusive upgrade offers and promotions through the loyalty program.

Upgrading at the airport

If you haven’t been able to secure an upgrade before your flight, there is still a chance to upgrade at the airport. Virgin Atlantic offers passengers the option to inquire about upgrades at the check-in counter or at the gate. However, availability is subject to the flight’s occupancy and upgrade inventory. It’s worth noting that airport upgrades may come at a higher cost compared to pre-flight upgrades.

Tips for Securing a Virgin Atlantic Upgrade

Securing an upgrade with Virgin Atlantic can be a rewarding experience, but it’s not always guaranteed. To increase your chances of obtaining an upgrade, consider the following tips:

Booking flights during off-peak seasons

Flying during off-peak seasons, such as weekdays or non-holiday periods, increases the likelihood of securing an upgrade. During these times, flights are typically less crowded, and there is a higher chance of available upgrade seats. Furthermore, airlines may offer promotional upgrade fares during these periods to attract more passengers.

Being a loyal customer

Virgin Atlantic values its loyal customers and often rewards them with exclusive benefits, including upgrades. By consistently choosing Virgin Atlantic for your travel needs and participating in their loyalty program, you increase your chances of being offered upgrades as a gesture of appreciation.

Checking for last-minute upgrade opportunities

Sometimes, airlines release unsold premium seats or last-minute upgrades at discounted rates. To take advantage of these opportunities, regularly check Virgin Atlantic’s website or sign up for their newsletters to receive updates on any available upgrade offers. Being proactive and flexible with your travel plans can significantly increase your chances of securing an upgrade.


In conclusion, a Virgin Atlantic upgrade offers passengers a remarkable travel experience with enhanced comfort, luxury, and exclusive benefits. From enjoying extra legroom and access to premium lounges to savoring gourmet meals and personalized service, upgrading with Virgin Atlantic takes your journey to new heights. Whether you choose to upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy or go all the way to Upper Class, the airline provides various options to cater to your preferences.

By utilizing Virgin Atlantic’s website, loyalty programs, or exploring last-minute upgrade opportunities, you can increase your chances of securing an upgrade. So, the next time you fly with Virgin Atlantic, consider treating yourself to an upgrade and elevate your travel experience to the next level.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1 Can I upgrade my Virgin Atlantic flight after booking it?

Yes, you can upgrade your Virgin Atlantic flight after booking it. You can check for upgrade options on Virgin Atlantic’s website, utilize loyalty program benefits, or inquire about upgrades at the airport. However, availability may vary depending on the flight and class occupancy.

Q2 How much does it cost to upgrade with Virgin Atlantic?

The cost of upgrading with Virgin Atlantic varies depending on several factors such as the route, class, availability, and time of upgrade. It’s best to check the specific upgrade options for your flight on Virgin Atlantic’s website or contact their customer service for accurate pricing information.

Q3 What is Virgin Atlantic’s loyalty program?

Virgin Atlantic’s loyalty program is called Flying Club. It offers members various benefits, including the opportunity to earn and redeem Flying Club miles for upgrades, flights, and other rewards. Members can also enjoy exclusive promotions, discounts, and priority services.

Q4 Can I bid for upgrades with Virgin Atlantic?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic offers an “Upgrade Auctions” program where passengers can bid for available upgrades. Passengers place bids, and the highest bidders are awarded the upgrades. This program allows travelers to potentially secure upgrades at competitive prices.

Q5 Can I upgrade my seat on a Virgin Atlantic flight using miles?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members can use their accumulated Flying Club miles to upgrade their seats. By redeeming miles, you can enjoy an upgraded travel experience with Virgin Atlantic. The number of miles required for an upgrade depends on the route and class of travel.

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