Air France Seat Selection

Air France Seat Selection Policy

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With its wide choice of foreign destinations, Air France offers a variety of seating options to guarantee that its customers have a relaxing and delightful flight experience. The airline provides seats that fall within your price range after taking into account your preferences for your budget. Customers are able to upgrade and change their seating options with Air France in order to simplify the seat selection procedure greatly.

The seating policy provided by Air France helps you become familiar with the numerous seat options available so you can make an informed choice. Understanding the nuances of each option will make it simple for you to choose the seat that best meets your needs and preferences, resulting in an enjoyable trip overall.

Air France Flight Seat Selection Process

Pre-Seating with Air France: If you wish to select a certain seat in advance, you can choose this option. By contacting Air France or utilizing their official website, you can choose your favorite aisle or center seat.

Online Seat Selection Process:

  • Launch your browser and go to “”
  • Select “My Bookings” from the drop-down menu at the website’s top.
  • Fill out the necessary information, such as “Booking Reference” and “Last Name.”
  • Go through your reservations and select the “Air France Choose Seat” option.
  • Based on the unoccupied possibilities, choose the seat you want.
  • If appropriate, submit the required payment for Economy or Premium Economy tickets.
  • Verify the seat you’ve chosen and print your boarding permit if it’s accessible.

Select your seats at least 30 hours prior to the time of takeoff for your flight in order to successfully finish the process. Additionally, bear in mind that the Air France seat selection price might change based on the availability of seats. To keep costs down, we recommend that you make your selection in advance. You can even book reservations using the cheap fare calendar for a discounted rate.

Passengers can reserve their chosen seats and have a more comfortable flight with Air France by following these instructions.

Air France Seat Reservation Options

To accommodate a variety of trip lengths and destinations, Air France offers a wide selection of seating arrangements. Let’s examine the airline’s primary seating options:

1) Economy Seats

With baseline facilities and minimal services, these seats are the most affordable choices available for international travel. One free checked bag is provided to passengers in the economy cabin. The headrests on the seats can be adjusted, as well. Passengers who need to work can utilise USB ports and power plugs. Passengers can reserve extra-wide seats for more room. The front section and duo seats offer quick and straightforward exit alternatives. The most trustworthy option for travellers on a tight budget is economy seats.

2) Premium Economy Seats

Seats in the premium economy class are available through the Air France Book Seats option and provide more advantages. Two checked bags and two hand luggage bags are allowed for each passenger. They can bypass lines by using priority boarding. A nice pre-boarding resting place is offered in the cabin’s lounge. Along with personal touchscreen tablets, headsets, reading lamps, and USB connections, passengers may take advantage of comfortable, spacious seating at reasonable pricing. It is perfect for vacations or quick travels because gourmet eating, snacks, drinks, and beverages are also offered.

3) Business Class Seats

These opulent seats offer superior amenities as well as first-rate lounge services with snacks and beverages. The solitude of a private cabin with specialised services is enjoyed by passengers. Flatbeds can be created using 180-degree reclining seats. Desks, dining tables, and entertainment options are available in personal spaces. Passengers in business class can choose from a choice of international cuisines and creative dishes, as well as a variety of drinks. For those prepared to spend money on a luxury experience, this cabin provides a fun-filled flight experience. The pre-selection cost for Air France Business Class seats is waived.

4) La Premiere/First Class Seats

On Air France, they are the priciest and most opulent seats available. Passengers of La Premiere receive complimentary vehicle service to the airport, and the airline personally handles their baggage. Excellent lounge services are offered, along with spa amenities and cosmetic services. Passengers enjoy first-rate amenities onboard, such as personal space allocation, TV programming, private bedrooms, and international cuisines. The enjoyment is enhanced by fine wine and beverage services. Business people or working professionals looking for the ultimate luxury and comfort in air travel will benefit from La Premiere seats.

With these varied seating configurations, Air France can accommodate different passenger preferences and guarantee a pleasurable flight for every passenger.

Air France Change Seat Selection Procedure

For many travellers who may want to upgrade or change their seating arrangements for a variety of reasons, the Air France change seats option proves to be a helpful service. This option may be used with or without an additional charge depending on seat availability, arrival locations, and the date of the change.

Follow these steps to access the Air France change seat selection:

  • Visit the Air France Airlines website home page.
  • Either click the “Check-in” tab or the “My Bookings” link on the home page.
  • Please enter your “Confirmation Code” and “Passenger’s Last Name” to continue.
  • You can examine your seat map and the current seating arrangement by selecting “Search” from the menu.
  • On the screen, look for the “Change Seat” option.
  • Select the seat you want to switch or upgrade to, and then confirm your choice.
  • You could be required to pay the modification or upgrade cost, if applicable.

Note: In accordance with the airline’s seat reservation policy, travellers may also ask for a change of seats by getting in touch with customer service prior to the start of airport check-in. With this new approach, travellers have even more flexibility to change their seat preferences as necessary.


In partnership with the well-known airline Air France, offers a wide range of benefits to its devoted clients. These benefits include the freedom for passengers to easily select and change seats according to their preferences. These convenient features are especially useful for travellers looking for individualised seating configurations. Additionally, the Air France seat selection procedure is clear and straightforward, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for passengers. Air France strives to make flying easy and fun by providing a wide variety of seating arrangements that are efficient and comfortable for its passengers.


Q1: What is Air France’s Seat Selection Policy?

Air France’s Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to choose their seats during the booking process or at any time before their flight departure, subject to availability.

Q2: Is there a fee for selecting a seat on Air France flights?

Yes, Air France may charge a fee for seat selection depending on the fare class and the type of seat you wish to choose. Fees can vary, and some fare options might include complimentary seat selection.

Q3: Can I change my seat selection after booking?

Yes, you can modify your seat selection after booking by visiting the Air France website or contacting their customer support, subject to availability and any applicable seat change fees.

Q4: Do Air France Elite members get complimentary seat selection?

Yes, Air France Elite members, such as Flying Blue Silver, Gold, and Platinum members, enjoy complimentary seat selection across all fare classes.

Q5: Are there any exceptions to seat selection, such as codeshare flights or group bookings?

Yes, seat selection policies may vary for codeshare flights operated by partner airlines and for group bookings. It’s best to check with Air France or the operating airline for specific guidelines in such cases.

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