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Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy

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Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy: Due to the value of comfort and convenience during air travel, Lufthansa provides a variety of seating choices that are tailored to the different needs and preferences of its passengers. You can tailor your travel experience and ensure a pleasant flight with Lufthansa’s seat selection options, whether you’re flying for business or pleasure.

Our airline offers a wide variety of alternatives to give you roomy legroom, adjustable reclining, and entertainment features that let you relax and enjoy your flight to the fullest. So take a moment to relax, allow any tension, and look through the many seat selection possibilities to find the perfect match for your unique travel needs with Lufthansa Airlines.

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How do I reserve my seat on Lufthansa?

Reserving a seat on Lufthansa is a straightforward process, but there are nuances to be aware of. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth booking experience:

Steps to reserve a seat on a Lufthansa Airlines plane:

  • Booking your ticket: The first step in securing your preferred seat is during the flight booking process. Whether you’re booking through the Lufthansa website, a travel agent, or a third-party platform, you’ll have the option to select your seat.
  • Online check-in: If you didn’t choose your seat during booking, don’t worry. Lufthansa allows passengers to select or change their seats during online check-in, which typically opens 23 hours before departure.
  • Mobile app: Lufthansa’s mobile app is a convenient tool for travelers on the go. You can use it to check in and choose your seat, ensuring you have a comfortable spot on the plane.
  • At the airport: If you prefer an in-person approach, Lufthansa’s check-in counters at the airport offer seat selection services. However, it’s advisable to arrive early, especially during peak travel times, to secure your preferred seat.

What is Lufthansa’s seat selection policy?

Understanding Lufthansa’s seat selection policy is crucial to making an informed decision about your seating arrangements. Let’s dive into the specifics.

When can I select my seats on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa provides various timelines for seat selection, depending on your booking class:

  • First Class and Business Class: Passengers in these premium classes can choose their seats at any time, from the moment of booking to check-in.
  • Premium Economy Class: Seat selection is available at the time of booking for Premium Economy passengers.
  • Economy Class: For Economy Class travelers, seat selection is typically free during online check-in, which opens 23 hours before departure. However, if you want to secure your seat in advance, there may be fees associated with this option.

How does seating work on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa employs a seat map system that allows passengers to view available seats and make their selections accordingly. The seat map provides information on seat pitch, legroom, and proximity to restrooms, helping you make an informed choice.

What is the preferred seating on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa offers preferred seating options for passengers looking for added comfort or convenience. Preferred seats may include:

  • Extra legroom seats: These seats typically have more space for stretching your legs, making them ideal for tall passengers or those who enjoy extra comfort.
  • Front row seats: Being at the front of the cabin means you’ll be among the first to disembark, making this an attractive option for travelers in a hurry.
  • Aisle or window seats: If you have a strong preference for either, Lufthansa allows you to select an aisle or window seat as part of their preferred seating options.

Is seat selection free with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa offers complimentary seat selection for certain passengers and under specific conditions:

  • Miles & More members: If you’re a member of Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program, Miles & More, you may enjoy complimentary seat selection, depending on your membership status.
  • Group bookings: When traveling with a group, Lufthansa often allows the group organizer to choose seats for free.
  • Online check-in: As mentioned earlier, passengers in Economy Class can typically select seats for free during online check-in.

Do you have to pay for seat selection on Lufthansa?

While Lufthansa does offer free seat selection for some passengers, there are instances where fees apply. Let’s explore the details of Lufthansa’s seat pricing.

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Lufthansa?

The cost of selecting a seat on Lufthansa varies depending on several factors:

  • Booking class: Passengers in higher booking classes, such as Economy Flex, often have complimentary seat selection, while those in lower classes may need to pay.
  • Seat type: The price may also differ based on the type of seat you choose, such as extra legroom seats, preferred seats, or regular seats.
  • Route and destination: Longer-haul flights or flights to premium destinations may have higher seat selection fees.

To get an accurate understanding of the costs associated with seat selection, it’s advisable to check the Lufthansa website or contact their customer service.

How can I get a free seat on Lufthansa?

If you’re looking to minimize travel expenses, securing a free seat on Lufthansa is possible through the following methods:

  • Frequent flyer programs: As mentioned earlier, enrolling in Lufthansa’s Miles & More program can grant you complimentary seat selection based on your membership level.
  • Group bookings: If you’re traveling with a group, coordinate with the group organizer to see if they can secure free seat selection for the entire group.
  • Online check-in: For passengers in Economy Class, the most common way to get a free seat is by selecting one during online check-in, which is typically available 23 hours before departure.

How do I avoid seat fees on Lufthansa?

While it’s not always possible to avoid seat fees entirely, there are some strategies to reduce the cost or secure free seat selection:

  • Book higher booking classes: Consider booking tickets in higher classes that offer complimentary seat selection.
  • Join Miles & More: Enroll in Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program to enjoy the benefits of free seat selection.
  • Travel in a group: If traveling with friends or family, explore group booking options to potentially waive seat fees.
  • Early online check-in: Ensure you check in online as soon as it becomes available to maximize the chances of free seat selection.

What are the seating options available with Lufthansa Airlines?

The numerous seating choices offered by Lufthansa Airlines, which are suitable for various types of aircraft and cabin classes, are as follows:

  • Economy Class: Designed with customer comfort in mind, this is the typical seating configuration on Lufthansa flights. It has adjustable headrests, lots of legroom, and reclining capabilities. On lengthy flights, passengers in Economy Class also get a personal entertainment system and lunch service.
  • Premium Economy Class: In comparison to Economy Class, Premium Economy Class seats are broader and have more legroom. A personal entertainment system, improved meal service, and more luggage are available to passengers travelling in premium economy class.
  • Business Class: In comparison to Economy and Premium Economy classes, Lufthansa Airlines’ Business Class seats offer a fully flat bed and a roomier seating configuration. Additionally, exclusive check-in services, access to Business Class lounges, and improved dining service are available to passengers flying in Business Class.
  • First Class: With private rooms that include totally flat mattresses, private storage areas, and individual entertainment systems, this seating option is the pinnacle of luxury. Passengers traveling in First Class benefit from personalized check-in procedures, access to First Class lounges, and a fine dining experience.

Not every aircraft may offer every seating option, and the number of seats available may change depending on the specific route. When purchasing their tickets or reviewing their itinerary, passengers can examine the seating options for their respective trips.

Advance seat selection in Premium and Economy Class

Both customers travelling in economy class and those travelling in the premium economy have easy seat selection options with Lufthansa Airlines. What you need to know about booking seats with Lufthansa is as follows:

1) Economy Class

  • From the time of booking until 24 hours prior to departure, passengers in Economy Class have the option of paying a charge to select their seats in advance.
  • The Lufthansa website and mobile app both offer online seat selection.
  • For Economy Class passengers, Lufthansa offers a variety of seating options, including seats with more legroom, reclining, and views.
  • These preferred seats can be selected at the time of booking or at a later time for an additional fee.

2) Premium Economy Class

  • Starting at the time of booking and continuing for 48 hours prior to departure, passengers travelling in premium economy class are entitled to free seat selection.
  • Choosing a seat in the premium economy can be done online or through a mobile app on the Lufthansa website.
  • Premium Economy Class passengers have a variety of seating options, including seats with more legroom, more incredible views, and calmer cabin locations.
  • Similar to Economy Class, these preferred seats may be more expensive and can be selected at the time of booking or afterwards.

Additionally, for an additional cost, Lufthansa allows customers to upgrade to a higher level of service, such as Business Class or First Class. Upgrades can be asked for at the time of booking.

How do I book my seat on a Lufthansa flight?

When booking a seat on a Lufthansa aircraft, you have a variety of alternatives. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to ask for seat preference while making a reservation:

Method 1: Throughout the reservation procedure

  • Go to the Lufthansa website or speak with a travel agent to make your reservation. You will have the option to select a seat during this procedure.
  • Indicate the cities of departure and arrival, the dates of travel, and the number of passengers.
  • Choose the flight you want, then fill out the form with your personal information and any special requests you might have for your trip, like a particular meal or extra baggage.
  • An interactive seat map showing the aircraft’s layout can be seen on the seat selection page. Based on availability, you can then select your favourite seat.
  • Standard seats, extra legroom, and seats tailored to assist families or people with disabilities are all available on Lufthansa flights.
  • After selecting your seat using Lufthansa’s online seat selection tool, you will be given the opportunity to review and confirm your ticket as well as to make payment for your journey.
  • You will get a confirmation email with all the information on your flight, including your assigned seat, after completing your booking.

You can choose your seat conveniently throughout the Lufthansa ticket booking process by following these steps.

Method 2: After the booking

  • Find the “My Booking” area on the Lufthansa website.
  • To access your reservation, enter your booking information, including your booking code and first and last names.
  • Under the Manage Booking area, you can see the “Choose Seats” option.
  • When you select “Choose Seats,” a seat map for the aircraft you will be flying on will appear.
  • To choose the seats of your choice, use the seat map. Standard seats, seats with more legroom, or seats in desirable locations (such as those near the front of the aircraft) are often available from Lufthansa.
  • Once you’ve decided on a seat, thoroughly go over your options before confirming your decision.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact Lufthansa customer care for advice and support if you need help choosing seats or if you have specific seating needs, such as a need for an aisle or window seat or extra assistance.

Following these steps, you can easily select your preferred seats using the Manage Booking section on the Lufthansa website.

Method 3: Online check-in

  • Find the “Check-in” option on the Lufthansa official website.
  • To start the procedure, click “Check-in”.
  • To access your flight information, type your first and last name with your booking reference or e-ticket number.
  • Decide the exact flight you want to pick a seat for.
  • On a seat map, Lufthansa Airlines will display your alternatives for seats on the chosen aircraft.
  • Examine the seating chart and, if a seat is available, choose it.
  • Once you’ve decided on a seat, confirm your decision and continue the check-in procedure.

Following these instructions, you may easily choose your preferred seat while checking in online with Lufthansa.

Method 4: Choosing a Seat with Lufthansa Airlines at the Airport

  • Registering at the airport For flight check-in, go to a Lufthansa check-in counter.
  • Tell the check-in representative: Tell the representative that you wish to pick a seat. They will let you know which seats are available and assist you in selecting the one that best meets your needs.
  • Pay any fees that are due: The cost of seat selection may vary with Lufthansa depending on your price class and other considerations. Pay any relevant fees in advance.
  • Please take a look at your boarding pass: The check-in agent will give you a boarding card with your seat allocations on it after you’ve made your seat selection.
  • There may be additional fees for some seats, such as those with more legroom or in premium locations. Furthermore, a limited number of seats may be reserved for frequent flyer elite status members or visitors with specific needs.

How much is the fee to select a seat on a Lufthansa Airlines flight ticket?

The cost of selecting a seat with Lufthansa Airlines can vary based on several factors, including the specific route, fare type, cabin class, and the passenger’s frequent flyer status. These variables play a significant role in determining the price associated with seat selection.


How can I access the Lufthansa Airlines seat map?

On the airline’s official website (, follow these instructions to access the seat map for flights operated by Lufthansa:

  • On the homepage’s main menu, select the “Flights” tab.
  • The option to select is “Book a flight”.
  • Click “Search” after entering your travel dates, departure and arrival airports, and the total number of people.
  • Pick your chosen flight from the list of possibilities.
  • To see a seating diagram of the aircraft, select the “View seat map” link on the flight details page.


In conclusion, Lufthansa offers customers a range of seat selection options created to meet their specific needs and preferences. No matter what kind of seat you prefer—standard, extra-legroom, premium economy, or even business class—Lufthansa works to make sure you may select the one that best meets your needs. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, Lufthansa’s wide range of seat options ensures a comfortable and enjoyable trip. For travellers looking for aid and support with their flights, is a trustworthy resource. You can reach the dedicated customer service staff at

They provide a variety of contact options, including live chat, email, and phone, so you can use the one that is most convenient for you. The seasoned and skilled staff at are ready to help with any questions regarding flight reservations, revisions, cancellations, or other flight-related issues. Contacting assures that you get the assistance you need to make your trip easygoing and stress-free thanks to their dedication to client satisfaction.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1: Can I select my seat in advance on Lufthansa flights?

Yes, Lufthansa allows passengers to select their seats in advance on their flights. You can choose your preferred seat during the booking process or after booking through the airline’s official website or mobile app.

Q2: Is there a fee for selecting a seat in advance with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa offers different fare options, and whether or not there is a fee for selecting a seat in advance depends on the fare class you have booked. Some fare classes include seat selection at no additional cost, while others may require a fee. It is advisable to verify the precise pricing terms and restrictions before booking your reservation.

Q3: How can I change my seat selection on a Lufthansa flight?

If you have already selected a seat but wish to change it, you can easily do so through Lufthansa’s website or mobile app. Log in to your booking using the provided details, navigate to the seat selection section, and modify your seat preference based on the available options.

Q4: Can I request special assistance or accommodations for seating on Lufthansa flights?

Yes, Lufthansa strives to accommodate passengers with special needs or requirements. If you require special assistance or accommodations, such as extra legroom seats, seats for passengers with disabilities, or seats with specific features, it is advised that you get in touch with Lufthansa’s customer service or the special assistance team in order to discuss your needs and make the necessary arrangements.

Q5: What happens if I don’t select a seat in advance on a Lufthansa flight?

If you don’t select a seat in advance on a Lufthansa flight, the airline will typically assign you a seat during the check-in process. However, there might not be as many preferred seats available at that time. It is advised to choose a seat in advance either during the booking process or after booking through Lufthansa’s official channels to improve your chances of securing your preferred seat.

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