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KLM Seat Selection Policy

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We understand how important it is to get the best seat in order to have an extraordinary trip. Our top priority is to give you a remarkable journey. By embracing the KLM seat selection feature, we give you the power to choose your preferred seat, enabling you to customize your in-flight experience in accordance with your unique needs.

We strive to make sure you have an exceptional experience with us by providing a variety of alternatives to suit your preferences, from roomy seats with extra legroom to ones that allow easy access to the aisle.

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How do I Select My Seat on KLM Flight?

When it comes to selecting your seat on a KLM flight, you have several options at your disposal. One traditional but effective method is making a phone call to the airline’s customer service. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Dial the KLM Customer Service Number: Start by finding the KLM customer service number: +1-888-702-4465 for your region. You can usually find this on their official website or your booking confirmation.
  • Provide Booking Information: Once you’re connected to a customer service representative, provide your booking details, such as your reservation code and name.
  • Request Your Preferred Seat: Politely request your desired seat. Be ready with alternatives in case your first choice is not available.
  • Confirm Your Selection: The customer service agent will confirm your seat selection and provide you with any additional information you may need.

Keep in mind that while this method is reliable, it may involve longer wait times during peak travel seasons.

How Can I Request KLM Airlines Seat Selection After the Booking?

If you’ve already made your KLM flight booking but didn’t select your seat during the initial reservation process, don’t worry; you can still choose your seat later. Here’s how:

  • Visit the KLM Website: Start by visiting the official KLM website (www.klm.com).
  • Log into Your Account: If you have an existing KLM account, log in using your credentials. If not, you’ll need to create one.
  • Access Your Booking: Once logged in, access your booking by entering your reservation code and last name.
  • Select Your Seat: Navigate to the seat selection section, where you can browse available seats and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Confirm Your Selection: After making your choice, confirm your seat selection. You may be required to pay an additional fee if you opt for a premium seat.

This online method is convenient and allows you to view the seat map to make an informed decision.

Can I Change Seats at KLM After Checking in?

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, you may need to change your seat after checking in for your KLM flight. The good news is that KLM offers flexibility in this regard. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Check-In Process: You can check in for your KLM flight online, at the airport, or even through the KLM mobile app.
  2. Seat Change Options: If you find that you’d like to change your seat after checking in, KLM provides several options:
    • Online Seat Change: If there are available seats, you can change your seat online through the KLM website or app.
    • Airport Assistance: Visit the KLM check-in counter at the airport to request a seat change. Keep in mind that this option may have limited availability.
    • Onboard Request: You can also inquire about seat changes with the cabin crew once you’re on the plane. They will assist you if possible.
  3. Additional Charges: Depending on the seat you choose, there may be additional charges for seat changes. Be prepared to pay any applicable fees.

Remember, the earlier you request a seat change, the better your chances of securing your desired spot.

What is the Best Time to Book Your Seat with KLM?

Before we dive into the ideal booking window, let’s address a crucial factor: the cost of seat selection. KLM offers a range of seat options, each with its own price tag. Here’s an overview:

  • Standard Seat: KLM typically allows passengers to select a standard seat at no extra cost during online check-in, which usually opens 30 hours before departure. However, these seats are subject to availability, so it’s advisable to check in as early as possible.
  • Preferred Seat: If you desire more legroom or a specific location on the plane, you can opt for a preferred seat. These seats come with a fee, which varies depending on factors like the flight duration and location of the seat.
  • Economy Comfort: For an enhanced experience in the Economy Class, you can choose an Economy Comfort seat. These seats provide extra legroom and come at an additional cost, which can also vary.
  • Business Class Seats: Passengers traveling in Business Class enjoy complimentary seat selection, ensuring a premium experience from start to finish.

Now, let’s discuss the best time to book your seat based on your preferences:

KLM Economy Class Seats

If you’re flying in Economy Class with KLM and are content with a standard seat, the best time to book your seat is during online check-in, which opens 30 hours before departure. However, keep in mind that these seats are subject to availability, so check in as soon as it becomes available.

KLM Business Class Seats

For those fortunate enough to be traveling in KLM’s luxurious Business Class, seat selection is a breeze. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Advance Seat Reservation for Business Class: Business Class passengers can reserve their seats in advance, usually at the time of booking. This ensures that you secure the best spot for your journey.
  • Seat Assignment in Air France-KLM: If you’re flying with Air France-KLM, you can also benefit from a seamless seat selection process. Air France-KLM provides a shared booking system, so you can select your Business Class seat with ease.

How To Fly KLM Business Class Using Points?

Now, let’s dive into a little insider tip for those looking to elevate their travel experience without breaking the bank. Did you know that you can fly KLM Business Class using points? Yes, you heard that right! Here’s how:

  • Join KLM’s Frequent Flyer Program: If you’re not already a member, sign up for KLM’s frequent flyer program, Flying Blue. This program allows you to earn miles every time you fly with KLM or its partner airlines.
  • Accumulate Miles: Start accumulating miles by flying with KLM, Air France, or any of their partner airlines. You can also earn miles through various promotions and credit card partnerships.
  • Redeem Miles for Business Class: Once you’ve amassed enough miles, log in to your Flying Blue account and browse for available reward flights in the Business Class category. Use your miles to book your dream Business Class seat.
  • Enjoy the Luxury: Sit back, relax, and savor the luxuries of KLM’s Business Class, all while knowing you’ve scored a fantastic deal.

What is the seating option available with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines?

Depending on the passenger’s journey destination, KLM Airlines provides a variety of seat assignment alternatives catered to their tastes and needs:

Within Europe Flights:

1) Every KLM Economy flight has standard seats, which come with the following amenities:

  • Legroom norm (76 cm)
  • Typical recline (9 cm)
  • Comfortable, ergonomically constructed.

2) Economy Comfort Seat: These seats are located up front and offer extra advantages like:

  • More than a typical seat legroom of 5 cm.
  • Greater recline of 4-5 cm in comparison to standard seats.
  • Priority boarding for travellers in economy class.

3) Extra Legroom Seat: These seats are near emergency exits and are ideal for passengers who want more room to spread their legs during the trip. They provide:

  • Approximately 15 cm more legroom than on typical seats.
  • Proximity to emergency exits (take note that not all aircraft may be equipped with reclining seats).

4) Front Standard Seats: Select these seats to board the aircraft first and enjoy the following amenities:

  • Front row, behind the Economy Comfort section.
  • The legroom is normal (76 cm).
  • Typical recline (9 cm).

Intercontinental Flights:

1) Standard Seats: On international flights, economy class customers have a variety of standard seats with the following amenities to choose from:

  • The legroom is normal (79 cm).
  • Lean back up to 12.5 cm.
  • Personal entertainment system featuring an in-seat power source and a 9 to 11-inch screen.

2) Economy Comfort Seats: Located in the front of the aircraft, close to Business Class or Premium Comfort Class, these seats provide:

  • Legroom is 10 cm more than on regular seats.
  • Compared to regular seats, the recline increased by 4–5 cm.
  • A 9 to 11-inch screen personal entertainment system.

3) Passengers seeking seats with extra legroom might select these locations near emergency exits, which offer:

  • More excellent legroom than standard chairs by up to 61 cm.
  • 12.5″ of standard reclining.
  • A 9 to 11-inch screen personal entertainment system.

4) The two seats in a row: These seats, which are only available on the majority of foreign flights, are located towards the back of the aircraft and offer the following advantages when travelling with a companion:

  • Fewer seats in a row mean more privacy.
  • The legroom is normal (79 cm).
  • 12.5 cm of recline.
  • A 9 to 11-inch screen personal entertainment system.

5) To be among the first to disembark, choose a front standard seat, which is located in the first row behind the Economy Comfort area. Features consist of:

  • The legroom is normal (79 cm).
  • 12.5 cm of recline.
  • A 9 to 11-inch screen personal entertainment system.

Regardless of your trip location, KLM Airlines offers a range of seat options to meet your needs and maximise your comfort.

What a seat map would look like on a KLM flight? (seating configuration)

KLM Airlines offers various seating arrangements on multiple aircraft types and routes. The standard seating configurations for each aircraft are listed below:

Airbus A330-200: Operated on routes that went to places like Edmonton, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, or Fortaleza.
  • Thirty seats in the World Business Class, arranged in a 2-2-2 arrangement, each with a 20-inch width and a 60-inch pitch—lie-flat seats with power outlets and personal entertainment screens.
  • Economy Comfort Class: 35 seats in a 2-3-2 arrangement, each with a personal entertainment screen, additional legroom, and adjustable headrests.
  • One hundred seventy-eight seats in economy class, arranged 2-4-2, with USB power outlets and personal entertainment displays.
Airbus A330-300: Flown to places like Calgary, Lagos, and Boston.
  • The 30-seat World Business Class has a 2-2-2 layout.
  • Forty seats in the Economy Comfort Class, arranged in a 2-3-2 pattern.
  • There are 222 seats in economy class, arranged 2-2-2.
Boeing 737-700: Accessible for flights to Istanbul, Newcastle, or Berlin.
  • There are 24 seats in the business class, arranged 3-3.
  • There are 118 seats in economy class, arranged 3-3—142 seats in total.
  • Operated on flights to Moscow, Madrid, or Lisbon was the Boeing 737-800.
  • Sixteen seats in the business class.
  • Forty-eight seats in the Economy Comfort Class.
  • One hundred twenty-two seats in economy class, arranged 3-3, with a seat pitch of 30 to 31 inches and a width of 17 inches.
737 Boeing-800: On journeys to Moscow, Madrid, or Lisbon operated.
  • Sixteen seats in the business class.
  • Forty-eight seats in the Economy Comfort Class.
  • One hundred twenty-two seats in economy class, arranged 3-3, with a seat pitch of 30 to 31 inches and a width of 17 inches.
Boeing 737-900: Utilised for flights to Bucharest, Stockholm, or Tel Aviv.
  • Twenty seats in Business Class, each with a 2-2 arrangement and a 20-inch width.
  • One hundred sixty-eight seats in the economy class, arranged in a 3-3 formation, have a 30-31-inch pitch and a 17–18-inch breadth—188 chairs in total.
Boeing 777-200ER: Depending on the version and route, several seating arrangements are used.
  • Europe There are 35 seats in the business class, arranged 3-3.
  • 40 seats in the 2-4-2 economy comfort layout.
  • There are 113 seats in economy class, arranged 3-3.
777 Boeing -300ER: Based on the design of the cabin, configuration varies.
  • Thirty-four seats in the business class with a 1-2-1 configuration, and all passengers have direct aisle access.
  • Economy Comfort Class: 40 seats with more excellent legroom and amenities, arranged in a 2-4-2 layout.
  • Three hundred thirty-four seats in the economy class, arranged in a 3-4-3 arrangement, with a seat pitch of 31 to 32 inches.
Boeing 787-9: Business Class, Economy Comfort, and Economy Class are the three different cabin categories.
  • Business Class: 30 seats in a 1-2-1 arrangement, all with direct aisle access.
  • Forty-five seats in the economy comfort class, arranged 2-3-2, with more legroom and other amenities.
  • Two hundred nineteen seats in the economy class, arranged in a 3-3-3 arrangement, with a 31-inch standard seat pitch.
Boeing 787-10: A typical setup includes:
  • Thirty-eight lie-flat seats in business class arranged 1-2-1.
  • 36 seats in a 2-3-2 arrangement with more legroom and extra amenities make up the Premium Comfort Class.
  • There are 270 seats in economy class, arranged 3-3-3.
175 Embraer : 88 persons can be accommodated in two classes.
  • Twenty seats, 20 inches wide, with a seat pitch of 39 inches, are available in business class.
  • The 68 seats in economy class are arranged in rows of two, with a seat pitch of 31 inches and a width of 17 inches.
Embraer 190: Economy Class, Economy Comfort, and Europe Business Class typically have 100 seats.
  • 30-inch seat pitch and an 18-inch breadth are standard for rows 1 through 21 (apart from row 13).
  • Seats in row 13 are 1-2 and measure 18 inches wide and 30 inches apart.
Embraer 195-E2: Operates flights across Europe under the KLM Cityhopper brand.
  • Twenty seats in the Business Class, arranged in a 2-2 configuration.
  • One hundred twelve seats in the economy class, arranged in rows of two.

Please be aware that particular planes and routes may have different seating arrangements.

What are the terms and conditions for seat selection with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines?

According to KLM’s seat selection policy, the following terms and conditions must be agreed to when purchasing either an Economy Class regular seat or an extra comfortable seat:

1) Regular and extra-comfortable seating options:
    • KLM offers several different seat kinds, including extra-comfy chairs with a variety of functions. It’s crucial to remember that the category also includes common seats, which are frequently picked for reservations.
    • Subject to availability, extra-comfy seats in the Economy Class cabin can be rented for a fee.
    • Flying Blue Elite and SkyMiles Elite members may be able to reserve extra-comfy seats and standard seats for free or at a reduced cost.
2) Requirements and Qualification:
    • Depending on the kind of ticket booked and the traveller’s frequent flyer level, KLM Airlines passengers may be eligible for seat selection. The general rules are as follows:
    • Tickets for the economy class Depending on the type of fare booked, seat selection may be free or chargeable.
    • Tickets purchased in business class often provide free seat selection.
3) Status as a frequent flier:
    • Flying Blue Elite Participants: Depending on your tier level, you might be eligible for free or discounted seat selection.
    • Flying Blue non-Elite members: A fee may be required for seat selection.
4) Seats for emergency exits:
    • To guarantee safety during emergencies, you must adhere to specific conditions if you sit at a seat close to an emergency exit on an aeroplane. You should be in excellent physical condition, with no medicine affecting your ability to move freely or be dexterous. It makes it possible for you to comprehend safety instructions and offer assistance in an emergency.
5) Refund Procedure:
    • For a particular leg of your trip, you are qualified for a refund of the price of the more luxurious seat in the following cases:
    • Request a refund within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket and the extra-comfy seat.
    • KLM has cancelled a flight.
    • A change in the type of aircraft or the arrangement of the seats prevents the availability of the same kind of supremely comfortable seat.
    • You must include your international connecting flight with KLM after travelling with KLM or another SkyTeam partner.

To guarantee a smooth and enjoyable flight, it is crucial to be informed of these terms and restrictions before choosing seats with KLM Airlines.

How can I request seat selection for KLM Airlines online?

  • Check out the website: Visit the KLM Airlines website at www.klm.com.
  • To access “My Trip,” select the “My Trip” tab at the page’s top.
  • Recover Your Reservation: To access your reservation, enter your last name and booking code.
  • Choose a flight: Select the flight for which you want to make a seat request.
  • Select a seat by clicking the “Seat selection” button.
  • Select Your Preferred Seat by perusing the available seat options and selecting.
  • To change your seat selection, click the “Manage booking” button and choose the appropriate flight from the list.
  • After choosing a seat, confirm your decision and move on to payment, if necessary.

You may quickly request and reserve your preferred seat for your KLM flight by following these instructions using their web portal.

How can I request seat selection for KLM Airlines via Customer Service?

Follow these procedures to contact KLM customer care to request a seat reservation:

  • Call the KLM Airlines customer service number: +1-888-702-4465 listed on the company’s website or your ticket/itinerary to contact them.
  • Make Your Request Clear: Inform the agent that you wish to choose a seat for a future flight.
  • Give the booking information: Tell the person your flight details and booking reference number.
  • Declare Preferences: Inform the host of your preferred seating location, such as an aisle or window seat, as well as any unique needs you may have.
  • Assistance with Seat Selection: The professional will look at the available seats and help you select one that meets your tastes and needs.
  • Payment Information: The representative will advise you of any additional fees for seat selection and, if necessary, help you make the payment.

Before hanging up the phone, confirm that the flight information and seat you selected are accurate.

How can I request seat selection for KLM Airlines after the booking?

After making a reservation, you have many choices for requesting seat selection on KLM Airlines:

  • Online: Utilise KLM’s website’s managed booking area. To reserve your favourite seat, visit the KLM website and navigate to the “My Trip” area.
  • Mobile App: You may quickly request a seat by downloading the KLM app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Call KLM Airlines: Use the phone to contact the KLM customer service department and make your seat request. Throughout the procedure, the customer support representative will help you.
  • Visit the KLM Service Desk: If you’re in the airport, stop by the KLM service desk to speak with a staff member about seat selection.

How can I request seat selection for KLM Airlines at the time of check-in?

Follow these steps to ask for a seat choice for your KLM trip while checking in:

  • Visit the KLM website and select “Check-in” to access check-in.
  • Give specifics: Along with your “last name” and “flight number,” enter your “booking code or e-ticket number.”
  • Complete the check-in process by following the instructions and entering all required information, such as passport information.
  • Choose Your Seat: You may view the available seats on the plane after you get to the seat selection screen. Select the seat(s) of your choice and confirm your decision.
  • You can ask to be added to a waiting list for your desired seat if there are no seats available that match your choices.
  • Your boarding permit, which will show your assigned seat, will be sent to you once you have finished the KLM check-in seat selection process.


In conclusion, KLM Airlines offers seat selection alternatives to its customers. Still, it’s vital to remember that costs and availability may change depending on the kind of ticket, the route, and the seat. We advise visiting KLM’s official website or contacting their customer care directly for the most current and correct information on seat selection fees and regulations for your specific travel. Visit Flighttripfinder.com, a helpful website that provides professional advice and support for all your flight-related questions if you need help with this process.

Call Customer Support For More Info: +1-888-702-4465


Q1: How can I select my seat on KLM flights?

You can easily select your seat on KLM flights during the booking process on their official website. Alternatively, you can do it later through the Manage My Booking section on the website or by contacting KLM’s customer support.

Q2: Is there a fee for selecting a seat on KLM flights?

Yes, there might be a fee for seat selection on KLM flights, depending on the fare type and the specific route. Some fare classes include free seat selection, while others may require an additional fee.

Q3: Can I change my seat selection after booking a KLM flight?

Yes, you can change your seat selection after booking a KLM flight. Simply go to the Manage My Booking section on the KLM website, log in with your booking details, and make the desired changes to your seat selection.

Q4: Are there any seats on KLM flights with extra legroom?

Yes, KLM offers seats with extra legroom in certain rows, which are often referred to as “Economy Comfort” seats. These seats provide more space and comfort for an additional fee.

Q5: Can I reserve a specific seat for my infant on a KLM flight?

Yes, you can reserve a specific seat for your infant on a KLM flight. During the booking process, you can select an infant seat, typically located in the front row or at the bulkhead, which offers additional space and comfort for you and your child.

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