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Sun Country Seat Selection Policy

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The Sun Country seat selection policy stands out for its user-friendly booking options, demonstrating the airline’s dedication to offering a pleasurable travel experience. Sun Country is a low-cost airline that provides a wide selection of advantageous seating options at fair prices. Travellers who want to take advantage of these perks and choose the best ticket price must comprehend this reservation policy in order to do so.

Furthermore, by being aware of the procedure, you may easily choose your preferred seating and, if necessary, upgrade reservations, ensuring a comfortable and joyful voyage.

How do I select my seat on Sun Country?

Online Seat Selection

One of the greatest conveniences Sun Country Airlines provides to its passengers is the ability to select seats online. This process is as easy as pie:

  • Log into Your Account: If you have a Sun Country Airlines account, simply log in. If you don’t, you can still select your seat during the booking process.
  • Choose Your Flight: Select the flight you’ll be traveling on.
  • Select Your Seat: You’ll be presented with a seat map where you can choose from available seats.
  • Confirm Your Choice: Once you’ve picked your perfect seat, confirm your selection, and you’re good to go!

Mobile App Seat Selection

For the tech-savvy traveler, Sun Country offers a mobile app for seamless seat selection:

  • Download the App: Install the Sun Country mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Login or Create an Account: If you’re a returning passenger, log in. New passengers can create an account.
  • Choose Your Flight: Enter your flight details.
  • Select Your Seat: Explore the seat map and choose the one that suits you.
  • Save Your Choice: Confirm your selection, and your seat is secured.

How much does it cost to select seats in Sun Country?

Sun Country Airlines offers a range of seat selection options with varying prices. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Standard Seats: Many passengers can select standard seats for free during the booking process or at check-in. These are usually the basic economy seats.
  • Preferred Seats: These seats offer extra legroom and are located in prime spots on the aircraft, such as the front rows. Prices for preferred seats typically range from $15 to $50, depending on the route and the seat’s location.
  • Elite Seats: For passengers with elite status in Sun Country’s rewards program, seat selection may be free or at a discounted rate.
  • Exit Row Seats: Exit row seats, which come with additional legroom, are also available for purchase, usually at a higher rate than preferred seats.

Remember that seat selection prices can change based on demand, so it’s a good idea to book early or check for last-minute deals.

Can you get a free seat selection on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, you can! Sun Country Airlines offers complimentary seat selection for certain passengers:

  • Elite Members: Elite members of Sun Country’s rewards program may receive complimentary seat selection as part of their membership benefits.
  • Premium Class Passengers: If you’ve booked a premium class ticket, your seat selection is typically included in the fare.
  • Children and Infants: Parents traveling with children under the age of 2 may select seats together at no additional cost.
  • Standard Seats: Many passengers, depending on their fare class and booking method, can select standard seats for free.

It’s important to check the specific terms and conditions for your booking to see if you qualify for free seat selection.

What is Sun Country Preferred Seats?

Sun Country’s Preferred Seats are the cream of the crop when it comes to in-flight comfort. These seats are strategically located to provide you with extra space, legroom, and an overall enhanced flying experience. Here’s what you can expect from Sun Country’s Preferred Seats:

  • Extra Legroom: Enjoy more room to stretch out during your flight, making long journeys more comfortable.
  • Prime Location: Preferred Seats are typically located in the front rows of the aircraft, allowing for quick boarding and disembarking.
  • Priority Access: Passengers in Preferred Seats often have priority access to overhead bin space, ensuring your carry-on items are close at hand.

How can you choose your seat on Sun Country?

Choosing your seat on Sun Country Airlines is a straightforward process, but it can greatly impact your travel experience. Here’s a quick summary of the steps:

  • Log in: Whether through the website or mobile app, log in to your Sun Country Airlines account. If you don’t have an account, you can select your seat during the booking process.
  • Select Your Flight: Choose the flight you’ll be traveling on.
  • Choose Your Seat: Explore the seat map and pick the seat that suits your preferences.
  • Confirm Your Choice: Once you’ve found your perfect seat, confirm your selection, and you’re all set for a comfortable journey.

Sun Country Seat Assignment Options

As a low-cost carrier, Sun Country primarily offers Economy and Premium Economy cabins, but don’t be fooled by the low cost—quality flight services are always guaranteed. The primary characteristics of Sun Country’s seat options are as follows:

Budget Cabin:

  • Standard Seats: These are economy class seats with conventional recline and about 29 to 30 inches of legroom. Four USB connections are available in each row for easy electronic device charging. Passengers will find periodicals to read as well as a basic menu and complimentary refreshments in the dining area. Due to the restricted space for extending, these seats are best for short-haul flights.
  • Best Seats: These seats replace the former First-class seats and offer more functionality and comfort. They provide outstanding comfort because of their 34-inch legroom and substantial 5-inch recline. Similar to Standard Economy, the headrests are more padded, and the seats are arranged three to a row. The availability of fine meal options and drinks makes them recommended for lengthy journeys. However, the Best Seats in the Economy Cabin cost between USD 50 and USD 75 to reserve.

Exit Row Seats (Preferred Seats)

These seats, which are near the door to the aircraft, have substantial 39-inch legroom. Although the seating position stays the same, passengers can now access charging connections, a free power source, USB ports, AC power outlets, in-flight music and video entertainment, and free Wi-Fi and internet. They are a fantastic alternative for international travel because of the main advantages, which include priority boarding and disembarking.

Premium Economy Cabin

Upgraded from the Economy Cabin, Premium Economy Class seats offer more legroom and opulent extras. They offer up to 150% more reclining than Economy seats and more luggage storage. Priority boarding and early check-in options are also available, and Wi-Fi, entertainment, and AC outlets are comparable to those in Economy class. Free food, drinks, and beverages are offered to ensure a comfortable flight.

Sun Country’s Economy and Premium Economy cabins meet a range of travel needs by offering convenience and comfort at a reasonable cost.

Sun Country Seat Selection Feature

When travelling, booking your favorite seats in advance can have a number of benefits, and Sun Country Airlines provides a practical seat selection function for just this reason. This option enables you to fly comfortably in the company of your choice, whether it be family or friends. It’s crucial to remember that choosing your seats in advance could incur a little price.

Follow these simple steps to choose your seats on Sun Country with ease:

  • Visit “” in your web browser after opening it.
  • Find the “Manage My Trip” option on the first page of the website by scrolling down and clicking on it.
  • To access your reservation, you’ll need to enter information like “Passenger’s Last Name” and “Booking Reference.”
  • Locate your reservation after providing the necessary information.
  • To choose the seats that fit your tastes, look for the Sun Country seat selection option.
  • Make the required seat selection fee payment to validate your revised seat choices.
  • You’ll get a confirmation email that your chosen tickets have been successfully reserved after finishing the payment process.
  • By taking these actions, you may reserve the seats you want well in advance and guarantee a smooth and comfortable flight with Sun Country Airlines.

Upgrading the Choice of Seats on Sun Country

After making a reservation, changing or upgrading your seats with Sun Country Airlines is a simple process that may be completed in a number of ways. Using the airline’s official website is one of the most practical choices. To avoid hassles, adhere to the following steps:

  • Visit Sun Country Airlines’ home page.
  • Go to the “My Trips” area by selecting it from the menu on the homepage.
  • Your “Last Name” and “Reservation Code” should be entered in the corresponding fields.
  • Click the “Manage My Trip” button to continue.
  • Click the “Edit” button to access the details of your reservation.
  • To make the desired modifications to your reservation, such as upgrading your seats, follow the on-screen directions.
  • If there is a fee for the adjustments, you can quickly pay it by making use of the available credit alternatives.
  • Your amended reservation will be confirmed via email once the appropriate changes have been made.
  • Even after making your initial reservation, you may quickly and simply alter or upgrade your tickets with Sun Country Airlines by utilising the official website and following these instructions. Experience seamless and individualized travel with the airline.

Tips to get Good Seats on Sun Country Airlines

Getting the best seat on Sun Country Airlines requires a bit of strategy. Here are some tips to ensure you snag the ideal spot:

Book Early

The early bird gets the worm, and in this case, the choice seat. Sun Country’s seat selection opens up well in advance of your flight date. By booking early, you have a better chance of finding the perfect seat, especially if you’re particular about where you sit.

Join the Rewards Program

Frequent flyers with Sun Country Airlines can benefit from their rewards program. Depending on your status, you may have access to complimentary seat selection or discounted upgrades. This is an excellent way to secure preferred seats without breaking the bank.

Pay for Seat Selection

If you have a specific seat in mind and you’re not eligible for free selection, consider paying for it. The cost varies depending on the seat’s location. While it’s an added expense, the comfort and peace of mind are often worth it.

Check-In Early

Even if you haven’t preselected a seat, checking in as soon as possible gives you a better shot at getting a decent seat assignment. Airlines often release more seats during the check-in process, and early check-in ensures you’re in the front of the line.


In conclusion, thanks to the variety of advantages provided by this airline, and Sun Country Airlines give passengers a dependable and adaptable flying experience. The Sun Country seating options accommodate a range of requirements and let guests book seats precisely in line with their preferences. Travellers have the opportunity to select any seat, including ordinary seats with valuable amenities, upgraded Best Seats, and roomy Exit Row seats, depending on the purpose of their trip. The airline’s straightforward yet effective in-flight services also add to the overall comfort of the journey. Sun Country Airlines demonstrates that it is a reliable option for both short-haul and long-haul travel, guaranteeing a comfortable and delightful trip for every one of its clients.


Q1: What is Sun Country’s Seat Selection Policy?

Sun Country’s Seat Selection Policy allows passengers to choose their preferred seats during the booking process. The airline offers various seat options, such as standard seats, extra-legroom seats, and premium seats, which may have additional fees associated with them.

Q2: How can I select a seat on Sun Country Airlines?

To select a seat on Sun Country Airlines, you can do so during the online booking process on their official website. Once you’ve chosen your flight, you’ll be given the option to pick a seat from the available seating chart. Alternatively, you can also select a seat by contacting the airline’s customer support or through the Sun Country mobile app.

Q3: Is there an additional cost for seat selection?

Yes, Sun Country may charge additional fees for seat selection, especially for premium seats and extra-legroom seats. The cost of seat selection can vary depending on the route and type of seat you choose. It is advisable to check the specific fees during the booking process.

Q4: Can I change my seat selection after booking?

Yes, you can change your seat selection after booking, but it may be subject to availability. You can modify your seat selection through the Manage Booking section on the Sun Country website or by contacting their customer support. If you are changing to a seat with a higher fee, you’ll be required to pay the price difference.

Q5: What happens if I don’t select a seat?

If you don’t select a seat during the booking process, Sun Country will automatically assign you a seat at check-in. The assigned seat will be free of charge and based on availability. However, to ensure you get your preferred seat, it is recommended to choose your seat at the time of booking.

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